Write a letter using rainbow ink on iPad and then email it to your friend. Draw in rainbow ink. 

Apple fans, can't wait for the new iOS 7? Eager to try the rainbow color effect of that large  "7" icon shown in WWDC? You don't need to wait for the release of iOS 7. Download WriteRainbow, you can get the rainbow color effect for just $0.99. 
WriteRainbow-Draw and write in rainbow color - EncGoo

It is fun to write a letter in rainbow ink and email it to your friend. WriteRainbow allows you to draw or write directly on the screen using rainbow ink. The color changes automatically as you draw or write. Please check the colorful output it can generates in the videos and screenshots below.

Write in rainbow color

In addition WriteRainbow is an easy to use application yet powerful to generate different effects. It has 11 big quality paper texture backgrounds you can choose. You can even select your own image as the background. In addition, WriteRainbow supports icon stamping and it has 33 lovely icons built in. 

Change background image

Besides the rainbow color, you can also choose the normal solid color. You can even choose color with outline! 

You can write in your own language, and you can even write from top down. 

To get better effect, you can zoom in first and then write. This can generate even better visual effect. 

Zoom-in and write!

The rainbow color effect can be customized. You can adjust how fast the color changes as you draw to get the best result you want. 

☆ Rainbow color for drawing or writing; 
☆ Icon stamping with 33 built-in icons; 
☆ Change background images, select from 11 built in HD paper texture images, or select your own images; 
☆ Change line width; 
☆ Zoom-in and write; 
☆ Auto shift in zoom-in mode; 
☆ Sync with Dropbox; 
☆ iTunes Sync; 
☆ Email image as attachment; 
☆ Easy to use.

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