What did they say?

"Working with Ugur has been a breath of fresh air. 

He is a uniquely gifted man capable of applying his craft to multiple platforms such as the web, social media and technical communications. 

He has transformed the way we communicate to our customers."

Orhan Yorukoglu 
Vice President and CTO, Partner at Active Innovations, Inc.

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"Ugur did an excellent job solidifying our pile of divergent messages into an excellently refined pitch for the intended audience."

Ryan Koonce
RK Express Coffee
Austin, TX
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"Dear Ugur,

Thanks so much for the amazing work you have done for us.

At the time we contacted you, we were confused and lacking direction with our website and promotional campaign.

Since then (just a few short weeks!) you have helped us to finish our entire website (which is pulling high quality leads consistently) and begin our marketing campaign.

I can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate not only your expert copywriting services, but also your generosity in going well above and beyond the work you have invoiced us for. We only wish we could have found you sooner.

A truly satisfied customer! "

Carl Humphrey
Vision Media
Odessa, TX


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"Ugur Akinci is an SEO guru and there are very few of those around.
He's an excellent content writer and really understands web site optimization through keyword positioning.
If you want your site to move up the rankings ladder quickly, he's your man!"
Al Porter
Wellesley, MA
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"Dear Ugur,

Thank you again for all your hard work, creativity and genuine interest in our non-profit. 
Your expertise in writing fundraising letters and your desire to help with our cause have been wonderful additions to our organization.  
We look forward to a very successful campaign in the fall thanks to you and also look forward to an on-going relationship to aid the survivors of domestic violence for many years.

Thank you again for all your help and enthusiasm.


Johanna Crawford
Executive Director
Web of Benefit, Inc. 
Boston, MA

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"Dear Dr. Akinci,
We wanted to thank you for your great work product.
The articles were insightful. The job was performed on time and on budget. We will continue to use your services.
I would highly recommend your services to any company or individual that wants efficient delivery of product requested."
Bradley Yourist
Los Angeles, CA

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"Ugur can probably deliver just about any piece of material you may need for your company.  He really knows how to put together strong and powerful copy.  
He was also great at extracting the right information from me to deliver copy that hit home.  Not only is he a great writer, but he is professional, diligent and knowledgeable in his field.  
I highly recommend him to anyone looking for first class copy and professionalism!"
Rebecca Kordecki
MobileFIT Solutions
New York, NY

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"Dear Ugur, 

Your work is amazing, almost magical.  Thank you ever so much for transforming the sketchy text sent to you into a most attractive inviting piece. The words seemed  to jump off the page when I first opened the copy you submitted. 

I do plan to consult you for every copywriting project that we need.

Please feel free to give out my name as a reference.  It would be my delight to recommend your work."

David Blount-Porter
President, Porter Ltd. 
Documentary Film Producer
Former member, NUJ,  National Union of Journalists, London

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     "Ugur, I would like to thank you for writing such a magnetic press release. 

     I am most impressed by your ability to write a press release on a topic which may be completely foreign to you. The (press) release read as though you had been in my line of work for years. 

     After you had completed the piece I found that I was even excited to read the information and I had been staring at it for two days.  I also had run it through two other people to edit and spruce up the copy.  Your work after they had gone through it  shows that you are clearly a leader in the industry.  

     I am in gratitude for your work and thank you immensely for taking the time to write this press release for me."

Jessie Wilson
Spiritual Healer
Vancouver, B.C., Canada 

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    "Dear Dr. Akinci; 

    I hardly ever write testimonials because I simply trust a product or service to live up to its advertised abilities or qualities. If it does not, I never buy that product again. 

    And when I do receive exemplary service, be it an online retailer or a restaurant, I do in fact speak up and make my satisfaction known.

    When I took advantage of your generous offer to review my Real Estate marketing material, I expected an unbiased review, and perhaps some quality comments and slight changes; but nothing more than that.

    When you returned my material, I was completely dumbfounded, to say the least, by the effort that you put in completely rewriting my material! You took what I thought was an already superior piece – compared to my competition’s material – and completely reformatted it in an extremely powerful, yet very personal and friendly tone.

    I know that this week when I start using your edited material, my response rate will increase dramatically! After all, my entire business is predicated on people believing what I have written, and how it directly relates to them.

    You, kind Sir, have exceeded my wildest expectations! I have no reservations that not only will I recommend your services to others, but I am now fully prepared to engage your services to further help me build my business.

    With Warm Regards."

Steve Green
President and CEO
Omex Financial Services, Inc.
Fredericksburg, VA  


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    "As a financial counselor, I have benefited a great deal from Ugur's professional review of my two different web sites. Any business that would like to rev up its web site should take advantage of Ugur's web design and copy experience. His comments and suggestions were really what my business needed at this point in time. Very pleased."

Dr. Robert Chang
HBW Financial Services
Los Angeles, CA 

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    "Ugur is a versatile and creative writer that I can recommend without any reservations. Besides helping us start our high-traffic web site back in 2002, he was also instrumental in securing two County and one Federal cleaning contracts for us. He is a professional copywriter who can really get that sluggish web site going or boost your business with good marketing and catalog copy."

Potomac Vacuums and Appliances
Sterling, VA 

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    "From press releases to direct e-mail sales and catalog copy, Dr. Akinci's assistance to my career has been invaluable. A gifted writer and an imaginative promoter, he is an excellent resource to have on your side."

M. Bereketli
Hollywood Painter
Beverly Hills, CA 

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    "Copywriter Ugur Akinci really helped my medical practice by re-writing the main page of my web site. I think I now have a much better web site which grabs the attention of the prospective clients right from the top of the page and takes them through both the features and benefits of my holistic therapies correctly. I highly recommend Dr. Akinci's copywriting services to all my colleagues and friends."

Dr. Fei He
Fei's Healing Center
Pasadena, CA