Press Release FAQ

© Ugur Akinci

1) "Does my press release need to be newsworthy?"

Definitely yes!  Make sure that your release is about something NEWSWORTHY. Unless it is a newsworthy announcement of one kind or another, most PR sites won't even accept the release.

For example, a release cannot be a classified ad or a sales announcement. A PR that simply says "All our shorts are on sale today!  Hurry and save 20%" will get rejected. However if you have a new store who offers the same discount, that can get published since the opening of a new store is a newsworthy event.

Again, a PR is not an essay or a propaganda tool. You cannot use it to advance a cause or defend or attack a certain group, process, etc. But if you write a PR about a new initiative of the group in question, a new campaign that will be launched on a certain date, the opening of a new headquarters, hiring of new staff, then that may become a legitimate PR piece because it is announcing the "news".

2) "What else do I need to have in a press release?"

You need to announce a Contact Person including his/her Name, Last Name, Position/Title, Company Name, Street Address (PRs with no street address are much harder to get published since most of the free PR release sites insist on a street address), web site, email address, phone number, (optional) fax number.

Also helpful is the web site of the company or organization which is the subject of the PR.

3) "Can you guarantee that my PR will be released and distributed in exactly the same way across all these free PR release sites?"

No. Different sites have different requirements (for example, the length of the Title). And we may have to change the wording, the number of words, or any components of the PR to comply with the specific requirements of the PR site in question. Thus your PR may change slightly form one PR site to another. But we'll try to make sure that the information content of your PR remains the same and your core message gets across unaltered.

4) "Can you publish my photo or the logo of my company for free with my PR?"

Depends on the web site. Very few free PR release sites publish photos or logos without any extra charge. Most of them demand extra payment to publish images.

5) "Can you publish live link(s) to my web site for free, embedded into my PR?"

Depends on the web site. Very few free PR release sites publish hot-links without any extra charge. Some allow only one link and some none at all. Most of them demand extra payment for live web links.

6)  "Do you guarantee that free press release distribution will show up on the front page of the PR site or be noticed by the media?"

No. There is no guarantee that with these FREE press release distribution sites your release will be displayed on the front page or will be picked up by the media.

7)  "Is there a way to make sure my PR will be displayed either on the first page of the PR site or in a Premium Position and thus maximize the chances that it'll be noticed by the media?"

Yes. Most of these Internet PR sites have both a FREE and a PAID distribution option. The charge for the paid option starts from as little as $25 and goes up to hundreds of dollars, depending on the site and the position required.

8)  "Can you do paid distribution?"

You can do paid distribution yourself by creating an account and paying the fee required by the site. But if you'd like us to do it for you, you can pay the required fee in advance to our PayPal account and we'll take care of the rest, for only $39 per release site.

9) "Do you know of any sites that maximize the chances of getting noticed by the media?"

Yes. At this writing there is one free PR site that usually gets our client's PR release on the first page of Google News searches, within 24 to 48 hours. But this can change at any moment since we do not control the SEO power of these independent sites. Nor do we control the way Google's search algorithm works.