Postcard FAQ

© Ugur Akinci

1) "What size postcards can you design?"

We design postcards in any size you want.

2) "What are the most popular postcards sizes?"

6" x 4", 5" x 7", and 6" x 9".

3) "How does the size affect the postal rate?"

For those who mail in the United States, any postcard that is larger than 6" x 4.25" must be mailed as a letter, that is, by using First Class mail. If you are considering using the cheaper Bulk Mail rfates, then you need to limit youyr postcard size to 6" x 4.25". We have no idea how the size affects the postal rate in countries other than the United States. Sorry. We recommend you do your own rate research first before deciding on the postcard size.

4) "What is the most important thing about the images I'll ask you to include in the postcard?"

You need to OWN ALL RIGHTS to the image. Otherwise we cannot use them in your postcard. They can be images in PUBLIC DOMAIN as well. By signing a Work Order you'll be agreeing to the free and clear ownership of the images you'll be sending to us. We will not research the copyrights of such images and assume to liability if the copyright is challenged after the work is delivered. The customer has the full responsibility and liability for the images he/she is submitting to us.

5) "I own the copyright of the image. Can I just copy it from my web site and send it to you?"

No, because all web images are either 72 dpi (dots per inch) or 96 dpi in resolution. That's too low a resolution to create sharp-looking printed images. They will print with blurred and "jagged" edges since most printing presses print at 300 dpi and above. Commercial postcards and posters usually print at 1200 or 2400 dpi. Therefore it is important to send "raster" images (that is, images made up of dots or pixels like photos) which have at least 300 dpi resolution.

All JPG or GIF format files need to be at 300 dpi resolution.

However, there is no such problem with "vector" images (the illustrations and drawings created by a vector editing program like Adobe Illustrator) since all vector images are "resolution independent" and they can be reproduced at any size without becoming blurred or "jagged." But still you cannot just copy a vector illustration froma  web site and send to us. You need to send the original vector file. At this point we accept only Adobe Illustrator files.

6) "What if I don't have an image at all? Can you draw illustrations or provide photos/pictures?"

Yes, we do. We both draw illustrations and supply professionally shot stock photos appropriate for your project, for an extra charge. The extra fee will depend on the project.

7) "In which format you deliver the finished postcard and why do you deliver in that format?"

PDF since it is a "platform-independent" format. You can open a PDF file on any machine running with any operating system and will see the exactly same image. Many printing company accept PDF and print without any problems.

8) "Do you also print and ship postcards?"

No, we don't.

9) "What would you recommend we do if don't know a reliable printing company and we need to print in small quantities?"

We suggest you try Cafe Press. They are not the cheapest but they are reliable and once you open an account and post the PDF of your postcard, you can order as few as 8 postcards at a time. However, Cafe Press postcards need to be 6" x 4" in size and not larger.