Shannon Curtis' Corn and Shrimp Soup

Corn & Shrimp Soup

1 cube butter (1/2 cup)
1/2 cup flour
1 yellow onion
1 green bell pepper
3-4 stalks celery
1 14-oz can stewed tomatoes
1 can cream style corn
1 can whole kernel corn
4 cups beef stock
basil, thyme, cayenne
1 lb shrimp
1 bunch green onion

1. Cut onion, bell pepper, and celery (this is known in cajun cooking as "the trinity") and set aside
2. Melt butter in a cast iron pot / dutch oven over medium heat
3. Add flour to make a roux -- constantly lift the flour/butter mixture from the bottom of the pot with a heat-resistant rubber spatula until the flour is scorched to a peanut butter color
4. Add veggies to the roux and sautee until they are fairly limp and translucent
5. Stir in cans of corn and tomatoes
6. Add basil and thyme (cover the pot contents with dried basil and thyme; if using fresh basil and thyme, triple the amount)
7. Stir in beef stock -- start with 3 cups, see about consistency after it cooks for several minutes and add more as needed to achieve desired consistency)
8. Let simmer for 15-20 minutes
9. Chop shrimp and green onion, blend together
10. After soup has simmered for about 20 minutes, add the shrimp/onion mixture to the pot -- we want the shrimp to turn pink
11. Add 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
12. Wait until it bubbles a little, then turn off the stove and let it sit for a few minutes before serving