Share Trading Links and Info

Definitions of Financial terms  - Understanding the jargon. (Page under construction.) - lots of local info about the jse, business, shares, etc, etc.  Also see for free charts (you need to have Java installed for this to work) - The Share Chat forum. Lots of very nice people helping each other to make money on shares. Well worth a visit. - Tutorials on share investing and the stock exchange, plus lots of other info and sevices. Gold Ticker -  Keep track of gold. - Online brokers. Fair amount of info available also. - Share Blog - Johannesburg Stock Exchange - Plenty Info here

                    SA Finance, Market Indicators, News, Opinion, etc.   Business Report - lots of company news, indicators, Opinions, analysis, etc. Also a free newsletter which is quite good for news. 

Mail and Gaudian Finance . Some advice on Share Trading !!  -  - Lots of info here. - stock market analysis tools - business news, USA biased.


Reasonably Priced Software - my own basic Share Trade Calculator - works out profit, costs of buy and sale of shares.



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