Our company has a long and distinguished history of fighting fires and saving lives, starting with its inception back in 1939.  The first organizational meeting of Wrights Corners Fire Company took place on September 8, 1939, at what was know as Kronenberg Hall, which has since been taken down. Thirteen men attended that first meeting. The names of 50 men were secured and one dollar was collected from each, after which an application for a charter was made. The group was duly organized on October 6, 1939. On November 20, a constitution and by-laws were adopted and the group was incorporated on December 18, 1939. Temporary officers were also elected to serve until the first annual meeting in January of 1940.

The first officers elected were: Quentin Calkins, President; Stanley Pease, Vice President; James Eifert, Secretary; Joseph Uschold, Treasurer; Herbert Raff, Sergeant-at-Arms; Harry Kelly, Merle Hook and Floyd King Sr. Trustees.