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Welcome to the home page for WrightRocket. WrightRocket is my Internet nickname. My name is Keith Wright. 

Currently, my most popular app on Google Play is GPS Map. The paid version of  this app features no advertising and allows importing of Placemarks, it is called GPS Map Pro. For the introduction to both, start at the GPS Map page. 

My latest Android application is The Show. The Show acts as an application to let you view an animated slideshow of your images on your device. The images can be filtered by keyword or part of the path or filename. Widgets of several sizes are available to display filtered images on your home screen. Live Wallpaper will let you display filtered images as the background image for your device.

Another recent application I've published is KMLZ to Earth.  It allows you to download, view attachments or browse your files in KML or KMZ format and view them in Google Earth.

I still have an app on the Android Market called TimeIt. I have not been updating this app, as I no longer have a use for it. Here is a basic description of TimeIt.

You may also want to check out the WrightRocket You Tube Channel. I've got a video about using GPS Map posted there, along with all sorts of random videos and Blender animations that I have created.

If you want to read my latest tweets, then check me out on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/wrightrocket. I often post more details about updates on Twitter than what I'm able to on the Android market.

if you want to read my blog about geeky things that I do with Linux, Android, and other nerdy things, then check me out at http://wrightrocket.blogspot.com/.

Finally, if you want to contact me directly, then email me at: keith.wright.rocket@gmail.com.

DescriptionDue DateComplete
Return multiple results for trying to resolve an address December 30, 2011  
Add saving and viewing Routes and Route Details January 9, 2012  
Add importing routes and tracks January 15, 2012  
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Recent Announcements

  • Google Earth Integrated If you install GPS Map KML Server, then you will be able to view your KML exports of Placemarks, Routes, and Tracks.Use Menu, More, Data Management, and then Export Placemarks, Export Routes, or Export Tracks, and Google Earth to get started.It is recommended to install and run Google Earth first, before attempting to view exports from this application.If your are experiencing problems with Google Earth try the following:Home Screen, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, Earth, Clear dataStart Google Earth and make sure it loads correctlyReturn to GPS Map to export to Google Earth againTry, and try again. I make no excuses for Google Earth.Make sure you have updated Google Earth. The newest version ...
    Posted Apr 4, 2012, 5:00 PM by Keith Wright
  • Main Map Icons Updated As of version 23.5.9, the Main Map no longer has a Satellite or Traffic icon. Instead, a Layers icon has been added to display the Layers window. In this window, you can toggle the visibility of My Location, Placemark, Satellite, Traffic, Track and Route layers. This Layers window replaces the old Layers menu item. It no longer will toggle the status of My Location or the Marker Focus, but it will toggle the visibility of the arrow indicating My Location, and whether the Placemarks are visible.The Preferences were updated to remove those that duplicated the functionality of the Layers window. The Layers menu item was removed, as there is now a dedicated button over the map.A ...
    Posted Feb 4, 2012, 11:59 AM by Keith Wright
  • Google Latitude Integrated GPSMap 23.5.8 integrates Google Latitude to update your Latitude location, and Import Latitude locations. Use Menu, More, Data Management, Import Latitude to import Placemarks. Using Menu, My Place, Latitude Authorization allows you to allow or deny this application access to your Latitude information. Using Menu, My Place, Update Latitude Location allows you to update your current Latitude location.
    Posted Jan 30, 2012, 5:00 PM by Keith Wright
  • GPS Map 23.5.5 / GPS Map Pro 23.5.6 Routes and Tracks are more consistently displayed with greater detail.Tracks can be hidden from the Main Map by using Menu, My Place, Hide Track.The last Track can now be shown from  the Main Map by using Menu, My Place, Show Track.
    Posted Jan 24, 2012, 7:31 PM by Keith Wright
  • GPS Map 23.4.6 Routes can now be saved for future viewing. Menu, Routes will allow you to manage all Routes. Selecting Routes from a Placemark menu, View Saved Routes, will allow you to manage the Routes to a specific Placemark.
    Posted Jan 9, 2012, 11:30 AM by Keith Wright
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