Case Study

Client Success Story:

A 15-year-old LLC on the east coast providing UST monitoring in several NE states has aging technology and is in need of a "restart" if it is survive and prosper.   Through outsourced management services a GL-Pros associate with accounting and office automation expertise replaces the in-house CFO and manages all accounting and financial functions remotely an an on-Call Controller.

Within several months the company achieves the following operational goals:

  • Full virtual and remote accounting processing.
  • EOM financials, including State of Cashflows produced on the first of the month with summary comments.  (Bank accounts have been reconciled.)
  • Billing process time reduced by 75%.
  • Business files converted to virtual web system.
  • Payroll and AP distribution converted to direct deposit, ACH and online wire processing.
  • Executive consult to the President on LLC to C-Corp conversion and development of a multi-year budget for management and investor support.