Welcome to the home page for advocating new options for wrestling uniforms!

We want governing bodies such as FILA, USA Wrestling, NFHS, NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA, to officially sanction alternative uniforms for wrestlers. We want to have an option between a singlet and either trunks (the tight-fitting shorts UFC fighters often wear) or loose-fitting shorts (like the Sprawl and similar shorts also popular with some UFC fighters now), with an OPTIONAL rashguard. To learn more about why we want these options see: Why loose-fitting? Why shirtless? and Why so many options?

Those who like the idea (or are just interested in one of the suggested uniform options) are encouraged to write to the governing bodies most relevant to them. You can find a list of them with their contact information here. You can also show your support by liking one of these Facebook groups, Shirtless Wrestling or Wrestling Uniform Options,  signing the petition, or purchasing a t-shirt from our store on skreened.