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The Third World

The term "third world" comes from the Cold War era and it describes those countries that were not directly tied with the first world (capitalist nations like the US, Canada, Japan,Australia and much of Western Europe) or the second world (communist nations like the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and the Eastern Bloc in Europe).  These areas have long been often marked as "developing" or "under-developed," which both true and untrue in many areas.  Despite this term being antiquated, it accurately encompasses the areas of the world that had either long-standing traditions of wrestling and/or martial arts or perhaps had brief periods of tremendous popularity of local or foreign pro-wrestling.

There is no denying that pro-wrestling had success in many areas of the world that have long been overlooked and perhaps some light can be shed on the promotions, stars and visitors who made pro-wrestling in the third world successful.

Some regions (and countries within them) worth noting: 
  • Central America (Guatamala & Panama), 
  • Far East (Hong Kong, Malayasia, Singapore & Thailand)
  • Middle East (Iraq, Israel & Lebanon)
  • Southern Africa (South Africa & Zambia)
  • South America (Argentina)
  • South Asia (India, Pakistan, Punjab)

"Native" Stars
Adnan Al-Kaissie  [Iraq]
Abu Antar  [Israel]
Astro de Oro  [Guatamala]
Jose Azzari  [Guatamala]
Imam Bakhsh  [India / Pakistan]
Bholu Brothers  [Pakistan]
Fred Coates  [Zambia]
Emile "King Kong" Czaya  [India]
The Great Gama  [Pakistan / India]
Rafael Halperin  [Israel]
Henry Irslinger  [South Africa]
Martin Karadigan  [Argentina]
Quasimodo  [Zambia]
La Momia  [Argentina]
Sir Atholl Oakley  [South Africa]
Mike "The Tank" Schutte [South Africa]
Dara Singh  [India]
Jan Wilkins [South Africa]

Skandor Akbar
Gary Albright
Bert Assirati
Hercules Ayala
Sheik Wadu Ayoub
Ricky Banderas
Count Bartelli
Wayne Bridges
Ian Campbell
Linde Caulder
Rene Ben Chemoul 
Spencer Churchill
Coloso Colosetti
John Cox 
Johnny Czeslaw
Dory Dixon
Bruno Elrington
Fabulouso Blondy
John Foley
George Gordienko
Prince Kumali
Felipe Ham Lee
Sky Hi Lee
Roy Heffernan
Gino Hernandez
Don Leo Jonathan
Tor Kamata
Killer Karl Krupp
Mark Lewin
Paul Lincoln
Mike Marino
Guy Mitchell
Blackjack Mulligan
Karl Pojello
Steven Regal
Sean Regan
Steve Rickard 
Pat Roach
Bert Royal
Lee Sharron
Tibor Szakacs
Clayton Thomson
Dr. Wagner Jr.
Otto Wanz
Sailor White
Ed Wiskowski
Paul Vachon
Kevin Von Erich
The Von Stroheims
Savio Vega
Zebra Kid
Honey Boy Zimba