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Sgt. George W. Flagg (1839-1919)

Real NameGeorge William Flagg

Lifespan - 4/9/1839 - 9/14/1919

6’ ??? - Braintree, VT

Athletic Background - n/a

Teacher(s) - n/a

Aliases - George Flagg

Peak Years1880s

Place in HistoryIt might not seem it to some, but the American Civil War had tremendous impact on the development of pro-wrestling.  Army camps were full of men anxious to fight and many brought their own disciplines. Styles from Ireland, England, Scotland and Germany were brought over and they collided, mixed and hybridized.  Men like George Flagg honed their skills in these camps and left the Army as top-notch wrestlers. George Flagg was a farmboy from central Vermont. He became the Champion of Champlain Valley prior to joining the second Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regiment.  While serving in the Union Army, Flagg became the champion of the Army of Potomac. Shot in the left hand, Flagg was permanently injured, but returned to his regiment and mustered out as a first lieutenant. Flagg resumed his career as a wrestler and, in his era, Flagg faced and defeated the likes of H.M. Dufur and Duncan Ross.  Flagg also met, but was bested by, fellow Civil War veteran Colonel James McLaughlin. Concurrent to his post-war wrestling exploits, Flagg became a successful breeder, landholder and local politician. He continued to wrestle into his sixties, although his record did not make him one of the elite wrestlers of his day.