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Abismo Negro (1971-2009)


Real Name - Andrés Alejandro Palomeque González

Lifespan - 7/1/71 - 3/22/09

5'11" 211 lbs. - Villahermosa, Tabasco

Athletic Background - Martial Arts, Pentathlon

Teacher(s) - Diablo Velasco, Ray Mendoza, Delio Soto, El Noruego

Professional Background - Indies(`87-`92), CMLL(`91-`92), AAA(`92-`09), TNA(`04)

AliasesAlex Dinamo, Pequeño Samurai, Samurai, Furor, The Winner, Winners

Groups - Los Vipers, Los Vipers Extreme, LLL (Lucha Libre Latina), Team Mexico/Team AAA

Peak Years - `98-`03

Finisher(s) - 

- Martinete (Tombstone)

- La Magistral

- Frog Splash

- Octopus

Favorites -

- Modified Air Raid Crash

- Suicide Dive

- Quebradora

- Seated Dropkick

- Slap

Ringwork Rating - 

 Move Set6

Intangibles Rating - 


Place in History - Few stuck with Antonio Pena and AAA through the thick and thin, but there were some who were bound to the promoter and could credit much of their career success to him.  Abismo Negro was with AAA from its inception until his shocking death in 2009.  His early years were fairly uneventful as he used several personas and was just learning the trade.  Pena remade him in AAA as he did with some many young talents as a dancing technico in a distinct outfit and gave him the name “Winners.”  He and Super Calo were a staple in the AAA midcards during those peak years when the promotion was fresh.  The company was overflowing with talent and Winners was able to work an amazing array of stars at a young age.  Drug use and abuse began creeping into his life and began impacting his career.  Despite this, Pena knew his potential and shifted him out of the Winners character and into the Abismo Negro character.  AAA already had another person in the gimmick, but it was passed on and it took off.  This was around the same time that the peso was devalued and WCW began signing away talent, which allowed for loyalists to move up the cards.  Although the AAA product went into a decline, Abismo Negro came into the best years of his career.  The character was a curious one.  His futuristic half mask, white face and black lips fit the sinister gimmick.  Armed with a blowtorch, the infamous martinete and sporting a new muscular physique, Abismo Negro was distinct and dynamic for the weakened company.  As the top heel and, according to some, the best worker on the roster, Abismo Negro was embroiled in main event feuds.  He also was a key member in the company’s premier stable of rudos - Los Vipers.  Within the group, Abismo and Electroshock formed a regular team.  Los Vipers fractured and reformed under the strange LLL invading outfit.  AAA was at a creative nadir and Abismo Negro was in a downward spiral with his drug use.  The death of Antonio Pena was a tipping point for many, but perhaps none as much as Abismo.  He was in and out of rehab, he vanished from AAA periodically and was becoming increasingly unreliable.  According to colleagues, Abismo Negro was mixed up with some unsavory characters.  His death was unexpected, but it was the circumstances that were most shocking.  While riding a bus, Abismo demanded to get off in the middle of the night, while appearing to be under the influence and his body was found the next day, drowned in mud puddle.  Whether he fell from a bridge, had a heart attack or what it was, Abismo Negro’s death was atypical for lucha libre, which does not have a history of drug-related deaths.