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Capitol Wrestling & the WWWF

This video is a little overview of Capitol Sports, which later became known as the WWWF. Although they would drop a "W" in the late 70s and become the most visible and well-known company worldwide as the WWF under Vince McMahon, it was the territorial company that established the foundation. Under Vincent J. McMahon, the region spanning from Washington DC and Baltimore up through Philadelphia, New York City and Boston all the way into Northern New England. From Argentina Rocca and Buddy Rogers to Bruno Sammartino and Pedro Morales, the company used the premier stars of the day, a formulaic cycle with heel challengers to the title and relied heavily on colorful, ethnic and physically huge competitors. The opening video features their greatest champion, Bruno Sammartino, entering the ring in height of his first WWWF title reign. 

"Ring of Glory" (1953-1963) 
MSG marquis with Rocca vs. NWA Champion Lou Thesz; Rocca vs. Verne Gagne; Rocca dropkicks Skull Murphy; Rogers struts to the ring; Bruno hoists Haystacks Calhoun; Rikki Starr taunts Karl Von Hess; Bruno & Rocca; Killer Kowalski clobbers Rogers; Dr. Jerry Graham victorious; Rocca rides Dick the Bruiser newsclipping; Chief Don Eagle; Lou & Red Bastien; Bruno decks Hans Schmidt; Miguel Perez intro; Gagne vs. Pat O'Connor; Rocca draws Primo Carnera; Graham Brothers (Eddie, Jerry and "Crazy" Luke); Wild Bull Curry; Murphy yells at the crowd; Eduardo Carpentier stomps the hands of Pampero Firpo; Don Curtis into the Full Nelson; Kowalski still beating Rogers; The Fabulous Fargos (Jackie & Donnie); Bruno poses; Mark Lewin throws haymakers; Johnny Valentine flees from Rocca; Rogers-Sammartino poster 

"Revelations" (1963-1973) 
Bruno defeats Rogers for the WWWF title; Bruno with Toots Mondt & Vince McMahon; classic pose with the belt; Bruno blasts Kowalski with a chair; Kowalski, Baba the Giant, Gorilla Monsoon posters; Wild Red Berry and Monsoon exchange looks; Bobo Brazil; Bruno vs. Blassie x2; Graham, Beast, Waldo Von Erich posters; Waldo in full regalia; Johnny Powers poster; Kiniski-Bruno picture; Kiniski-Bruno with Bill Watts making the save; Watts elbows Bruno; Hans Mortier poster & photo; Bill Miller vs. Bruno x3; Bulldog Brower poster & photo; Baron Mikel Scicluna photo & poster; Prince Iaukea poster; George Steele poster & clip; Toru Tanaka & Bull Ramos posters; Ramos clotheslines Earl Maynard; Virgil Kentucky Butcher poster; Bruno-Geeto Mongol Chain match from Sports Illustrated; Bruno & Victor Rivera; Sheik & Ernie Ladd posters; Ladd vs. Andre the Giant; Ivan Koloff poster; Ivan defeats Bruno for the belt; Koloff with belt; Pedro Morales defeats Ivan; Pedro with the belt; Pedro & Chief Jay Strongbow; Pedro & Andre; Pedro vs. Bruno at Shea Stadium; Blackjacks (Mulligan & Lanza); "Animal" Steele; Moondog Mayne with Lou Albano; Professor Toru Tanaka; Freddie Blassie; Brower armbars Pedro; Kowalski photo & clips; Stan "The Man" Stasiak with the WWWF title 

"Victory Quest" (1973-1979) 
Bruno vs. Stasiak; Bruno regains the belt; Ray Stevens & Stasiak posters; Tony Parisi (Antonio Pugilese) whips in Stasiak; Haystacks Calhoun; Dean Ho & Tony Garea; Garea & Rick Martel; Tito Santana & Ivan Putski; Nikolai Volkoff poster; Geeto & Beepo (Nikolai); Monsoon bearhugs Geeto; Albano's tag team champions - Tarzan Tyler & Luke Graham, Scicluna & Iaukea, Yukon Lumberjacks (Eric & Pierre); the Moondogs (Spot & Rex), the Wild Samoans, Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito; Johnny & Jimmy Valiant, Jimmy, Jerry & Johnny Valiant; Don Leo Jonathan & Larry Hennig posters; Strongbow & Billy White Wolf; Dominic Denucci; Parisi & Gino Brito; Andre & Bruno; John Tolos, Bobby Duncum, Spiros Arion, Wolfman, Buggsie McGraw, Stan Hansen posters, bloodied Bruno checks with the doctor; Bruno hurls chair at Bruiser Brody; Superstar Billy Graham pins Bruno to win the WWWF title 

"Corporate Identity" (1977-1983) 
Superstar poses x2, Graham vs. Harley Race magazine cover; Superstar pose, Superstar bites Dusty Rhodes; Graham-Rhodes Bullrope match; Pat Patterson waffles Sgt. Slaughter; Patterson vs. Backlund in a cage; first Intercontinental champion Pat Patterson with the Grand Wizard; Pedro vs. Don Muraco; Muraco & the Wiz; Snuka dives on Muraco; Ken Patera bodyslams Bruno; Wizard & Greg Valentine; Slaughter whips Backlund; the Cobra Clutch; fans' "Gomer" signs directed at Slaughter; Big John Studd vs. Andre the Giant poster; Studd promo; Stevens piledrives Snuka on the floor; "Karate Champion" Billy Graham smashes Backlund's belt; Fuji chops Garea; Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis; Blassie, the Grand Wizard & Lou Albano, Blassie promo; Jesse Ventura flexes at Backlund; Masked Spectators; Masked Superstar; Rocky Johnson whoops up on Rene Goulet; "Polish Power" Ivan Putski; Santana dives on Swede Hanson; Strongbow poster; Santana heads to the ring; Backlund piledrives Valentine; Peter Maivia wins; SD Jones and Tony Atlas outwit Adonis & Valentine; Snuka with Buddy Rogers; Putski brawls with Bob Orton Jr.; Andre poster; Mil Mascaras flying headlock takeover on Johnny Rodz; Antonio Inoki enzugiris Hussein Arab (Iron Sheik) 

"Coliseum Video Opening" (1977-1983) 
Six-Man Tag; bloodied Maivia; Samoans vs. Pedro/Backlund from Shea Stadium; Backlund vs. Slaughter in the cage; Hulk Hogan & Ted DiBiase lock up; Bobby Duncum knees Backlund; George Steele's Flying Hammerlock; Superstar Graham flexes; Madison Square Garden; Snuka Splash off the cage on Muraco; Strongbow kneelift to Valentine; Albano blasts Patterson with a chair; Pedro blasts Snuka; Mascaras' leaping headbutt to Graham; Tiger Mask's corner flip on the Dynamite Kid; Ken Patera's Swinging Neckbreaker; Backlund sends Buddy Rose out; Backlund uses the Gotch-lift on Hogan; Andre the Giant's famous "stool" promo; Hansen's "lariat" on Bruno; Larry Zbyszko hip tosses Bruno; Putski flexes; Rocky Johnson sunsets Sika; Monsoon uses the Airplane Spin on Muhammad Ali; Andre tosses Chuck Wepner over the top; Iron Shiek wins the WWF title; leaner Ivan Koloff win; Muraco puts away a jobber; Backlund wins the WWWF title