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British Pro-Wrestling

This video is a little overview of the British Pro-Wrestling, specifically televised wrestling from 1965 through 1991. The main clips are from "World of Sport", featuring matches from Joint Promotions and later All-Star Promotions, there are also scattered clips from Orig William's Welsh "Reslo" promotion. 

The opening video features clips featuring pro-wrestling from the pre-television era including figures like Atholl Oakley, Bill Garnon, Bert Assirati, Dirty Jack Pye, George St. Clair Gregory, Billy Riley, Billy Robinson and Zoltan Boscik. 

Music from "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" 
Jackie Pallo, Mick McManus, Robinson, Gwyn Davies, Prince Kumali, Sammy Lee, Kung Fu, Young David, Mal Sanders, Wayne Bridges, Mike Marino, Johnny Kincaid, Les Kellett, Boscik, Rasputin, Mark Rocco, Orig "Bandito" Williams Vic Faulkner & Steve Grey, Robby Baron & Julien Morice, Clayton Thomson & Alan Sarjaent, Royals & LePaques, Banger Walsh & Chris Adams, Bridges v. Steve Veidor, Johnny Czselaw trips Caswell Martin, Bert Royal takes down Masambula, Tibor Szakacs flips over Kumali, Les Thornton backbreakers Terry Rudge, Johnny Kwango escapes Ivan Penzecoff, Ken Joyce armbars Grey, Kendo Nagasaki's Kamikaze Roll on Kincaid, Keichi Yamada suplexes Rocco, Pat Roach takes over Colin Joynson, Steve Logan uppercutts Royal, Johnny Kidd rolls Tally Ho Kaye, Tony Charles's famous sequence with Veidor, Lee backflips before Jim Breaks, Kid McCoy cradles Grey, Pallo counters Kwango, Veidor dropkicks Big Daddy, David sunset flips Breaks, Steve Regal counters Col. Brody, Tony St. Clair necksnaps McManus, Fit Finlay dives onto Drew McDonald, Bob Kirkwood counters St. Clair, Marty Jones posts Rocco, McCoy headscissors Jackie Turpin, Joynson backdrops Jones, Royal monkey flips St. Clair, Clive Myers sent over the top, Roach squares off Giant Haystacks, St. Clair, Logan, Brian Maxine, Faulkner-Grey, Czseslaw, Princess Paula & Fit Finlay, Myers, Veidor, Jones, Keith Haward, Rocco-Yamada, Jones v. Rudge (Kent Walton*), Joyce-Grey, Bret Hart dropkicks Tiger Dalibar Singh, Chic Cullen headbutts John Elijah, Nagasaki unmasks, Daddy belly butts Kendo, Daddy backdrops Mississippi Mauler (Kamala), Count Bartelli posts Dave Bond, Logan choking Royal, Wild Angus backbreaker on Martin, Rocky Moran misses Alan Kilby, Daddy belly butts Sid Cooper, Maxine double-crosses Baron, Ian Gilmore dropkicks Logan, Ray Steele throws Pete Curry, Mal Kirk flips out, Finlay & Skull Murphy double-team Regal, Tibor v. Kumali, McManus beats down Sanders, Rasputin kills a ref, Johnny Two Rivers' chop, Bond & Kincaid v. Kung Fu, Roach v. Pete Roberts, Breaks double-crosses Alan Dennison 

Penzecoff stomps Kwango, Royal-St. Clair, Johnny Saint vs. Ken Joyce, George Kidd fools Blackjack Mulligan, Saint intro, Saint-Faulkner, Saint-Finlay, Faulkner uses referee Jeff Kaye to escape Saint, Penzecoff-Kwango, Lee canes Cooper, Dennison drops Johnny England, Faulkner vs. Masambula, Tornado Torontos vs. Steve Grey, Thomson-Sarjaent, Breaks foiled by Boscik, Kung Fu and Cooper, McManus stomps Adams, Bobby Barnes' entrance, Pallo tells off fan, Adrian Street prances, Roach counters Joynson, Catweazle takes McManus by the ears, Saint sequence on Kader Hassouni, Kidd-Mulligan, Kellett tomfoolery with Czselaw & Mel Stuart, Faulkner & Grey double pin, Czselaw escapes Johnny War Eagle, Masambula head scissors Royal 

Dynamite Kid escapes Tony Skarlo, Royal rolls into crab on Roy St. Clair, Grey flips away from John Naylor, Jon Cortez escapes Boscik, Cortez counters Barnes, Regal and St. Clair, Baron cartwheels against Morice, Steve Jordan counters Naylor, Myers takes Sarjaent into a hammerlock, Thomson counters Sarjaent, Boscik and Naylor sequence, Joyce sneaks away from Grey, Spencer Churchill and Stuart, Royal gets crafty against Roy St. Clair, Saint escapes Faulkner, Cortez and Boscik, Breaks and Boscik, St. Clair cartwheel counter on Kincaid, Naylor switchover on Grey, Faulkner rolls and takes down St. Clair, Haward cradles Cortez, Grey cradles Cooper & celebrates with Sarjaent, Myers & Adams, Danny Boy Collins pins Breaks