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YouTube Project

Since the summer of 2009, I've been working on videos for posting on YouTube that promote this website and more generally pro-wrestling from different places and eras.  My aim is to create a unique tribute that will generate curiosity for the various flavors of pro-wrestling that this website covers.

Here are my completed videos
 (linked page includes detailed information about each video's content)
18. "We Are Wrestling" (12.11)
20. WWF Attitude Era (5.12)
28. Battle Royals (2.17)
29. AWA Wrestling (9.17)

Here are videos yet to come
29. WWF Rock-N-Wrestling Era (1985 - 1991)
30. WWF New Generation (1992-1996)
31. Pro-Wrestling Across Canada
Jobber Daze
33. Joshi Puroresu (Women's Pro-Wrestling in Japan)
Gimmicks (Freaks, Giants, etc.) in Pro-Wrestling
35. Outlaw & Independent Pro-Wrestling
36. Amateur Wrestlers to Professional Wrestlers
37. Watching & Enjoying Mexican Lucha Libre
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