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WWE Draft (2002-2019)

posted Oct 16, 2019, 6:32 PM by Wrestling Scout
Image result for WWE DraftSince 2002, there have been fourteen Drafts (or "Superstar Shake-Ups") that have tried to freshen up the WWE's brands.  These brands, predominantly Raw and Smackdown, tried to freshen up their rosters with these systematic talent shifts.  Over the years, they have tried to use it to spark interest in a brand with a star shifting and potentially having new matches.  They have also tried to use it to highlight young stars, but it tended to just solidify the pecking order.

Smackdown - The Rock

Smackdown - Rene Dupree
Raw - Shelton Benjamin

Smackdown - John Cena

In 2006, the ECW brand was revived and given its own show on Sci-Fi.  It quickly became a third-rate brand, but for a time was something different.


Smackdown - The Great Khali
ECW - The Boogeyman

Raw - Rey Mysterio
Smackdown - Jeff Hardy

The ECW brand died and the WWE refocused on its two brands and had three more drafts before ending the brand split in 2011.  

Raw - MVP
Smackdown - Melina

Smackdown - Kelly Kelly
Raw - John Morrison

Smackdown - John Cena

In 2016, the WWE once again split the brands and dusted off the draft concept after five years.  They called it the "Superstar Shake-up", but needed to return to the familiar "Draft" branding for their second episode on Fox.  The concept continues to never quite work as well as one might hope.  Unlike professional sports, the WWE does not have talent retiring (or leaving) and new talent coming in with any regularity.  Therefore, the concept seems to be lacking something.

Raw - Seth Rollins
Smackdown - Dean Ambrose

Smackdown - Jinder Mahal
Raw - Apollo Crews

Raw - Jinder Mahal
Smackdown - Jeff Hardy

Raw - The Miz
Smackdown - Finn Balor

Raw - Becky Lynch; Seth Rollins
Smackdown - Roman Reigns; Charlotte Flair