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WOHOF - Who is Going on the 2018 Ballot?

posted Dec 6, 2017, 7:11 PM by Wrestling Scout   [ updated Dec 6, 2017, 7:16 PM ]
In 2018, at least two candidates are known to be on the ballot.  They have some similarities - both handsome young men who were athletic worker and worked there way to the top of a major organization and both were not above playing silly characters.  The differences may end there though.

Rick Martel had an impressive career with some twenty years of being a top worker capturing titles all over the globe.  He worked on top in New Zealand, Portland and Montreal, but had notable runs in the WWWF/WWF as part of tag teams with Tony Garea, Tom Zenk (Can-Am Connection) and Tito Santana (Strike Force).  While his career might have peaked with his AWA title run in 1984, most remember Martel from his heel run as "The Model" starting in 1989.  He did enjoy a brief career renaissance in WCW in 1997.

Kenny Omega is a pro-wrestler currently at the peak of his abilities.  He started in 2000 and gained a WWE developmental contract in 2005.  After requesting his release, Omega focused on building his name value on the indies.  He also was brought to Japan by DDT and built his reputation there as well.  By 2010, Omega was emerging as one of the premier talents on both sides of the Pacific.  He worked for the top indies in the States and started with New Japan.  Since that time he has had numerous MOTYC performances and continuously upped his game.