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Tri-State Wrestling's Superdome Events (1976-1979)

posted Apr 10, 2018, 6:30 AM by Wrestling Scout
In the mid-1970s, the Tri-State Wrestling began running the Superdome in New Orleans.  The city was the biggest in the territory and while it was an expensive building to rent, they ran six shows with crowds over 15,000 and two over 20,000!  

These supershows were groundbreaking for the time in that they were drawing in a much less populous market than New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, which had hosted some big cards during during the previous 10 years.



Andre the Giant & Buck Robley vs. Ken Patera & Bob Sweetan
Dick Murdoch vs. Killer Karl Kox (Jim Bowie Death Match)
Terry Funk vs. Bill Watts (
NWA World Championship)



Ernie Ladd vs. Andre the Giant (North American Championship)
Harley Race vs. Dusty Rhodes (NWA World Championship)

Paul Orndorff vs. Bruiser Brody (North American Championship) 
Ray Candy vs. Ernie Ladd (Steel Cage Match)


Andre the Giant & Dusty Rhodes vs. Ernie Ladd & Stan Hansen
(US Tag Team Title Tournament with guest ref Danny Hodge)



Event was cancelled due to a police strike


Mr. Wrestling II vs. Killer Karl Krupp (North American Championship) 

Dusty RhodesBill Watts vs. The Assassin & The Angel (Double Bullrope Match)


Dusty Rhodes vs. Killer Karl Kox

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Ernie Ladd (North American Championship) 

Bill Watts & Buck Robley beat The Assassin & The Angel (US Tag Titles Steel Cage Match)