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Top 10 Pro Wrestling Commentators in History

posted Oct 8, 2017, 6:13 PM by Wrestling Scout
In 2013, David Bixenspan compiled a thoughtful list of the best English commentators in pro-wrestling for Bleacher Report.  Topping that list was the late, great Lance Russell.  While memorializing Russell on an episode of "Exile on Badstreet", Bix mentioned that Russell brought up the article and was truly honored by it.

    Lance Russell & Bob Caudle

1.  Lance Russell (Memphis, CWA, USWA, WCW)

2. Jim Ross (Tri-State, Mid-South/UWF, WCW, WWE and SMW) 

3. Kent Walton (ITV World of Sport) 

4. Bob Caudle (Mid-Atlantic, JCP/NWA, WCW, SMW) 

5. Gordon Solie (Florida, Georgia, etc.) 

6. Jesse "The Body" Ventura (WWF & WCW) 

7. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (WWF & WCW) 

8. Marc Lowrance (WCCW & USWA) 

9. Jim Cornette (WCW, LPWA, WWF, OVW, etc.) 

10. David Crockett (JCP/NWA) / Vince McMahon (WWF)