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The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire - British World Champions

posted Jul 1, 2018, 6:58 PM by Wrestling Scout
Britain has become the home to a surprising war in 2018 between the WWE's new NXT UK brand and ITV's "World of Sport" wrestling.  The country has an amazing array of talent and the two companies have been snatching them up.

Curiously, British wrestling back in its heyday had a number of 
Image result for johnny saint nxt
championships that included "British," "European" and "World" in their names.  The "World" titles were essentially the top titles in the various weight classes and the best of the best held them.

NXT UK Brand General Manager Johnny Saint has had 
more British "World" championship reigns than anyone! 

Johnny Saint
10 Lightweight Reigns

7 Mid-Heavyweight Reigns
1 Light Heavyweight Reign

Mid-Heavyweight Reigns
3 Light Heavyweight Reigns

Wayne Bridges
Heavyweight Reigns

Mid-Heavyweight Reigns

Mike Marino
Mid-Heavyweight Reigns

John Quinn
Heavyweight Reigns

3 Lightweight Reigns

John Cortez
3 Lightweight Reigns

3 Heavy Middleweight Reigns