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The Eyes of the World Are On Britain - British Champions

posted May 20, 2018, 6:53 PM by Wrestling Scout

British wrestling had its fair share of championships floating around, they had "World" champions, "European" champions as well as "British" champions (or National champions as they were sometimes called).  While not regulated in the same manner that Mexico's National titles have been, these titles were crucial to establishing talent and those with multiple reigns are often the most famous competitors in their respective weight classes.

Danny Collins gets a handful of Jim Breaks

9 Lightweight Reigns
8 Welterweight Reigns

7 Lightweight Reigns
3 Welterweight Reigns

6 Heavyweight Reigns
2 British Light Heavyweight Reigns

Tommy Mann
8 Middleweight Reigns

1 Heavyweight Reigns
6 Heavy Middleweight Reigns

2 Heavy Middleweight Reigns
4 Welterweight Reigns

Bert Royal
3 Heavy Middleweight Reigns
2 Middleweight Reigns

Alan Kilby
5 Heavy Middleweight Reigns

3 Welterweight Reigns
1 Middleweight Reigns

Tony St. Clair
4 Heavyweight Reigns