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San Francisco Cow Palace Battle Royals (1968-1981)

posted Jan 6, 2017, 7:47 PM by Wrestling Scout
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When Roy Shire's move into Hawaii was held off by Ed Francis and Lord James Blears, they successfully pushed a "battle royal" as a major attraction.  Soon after, Shire promoted the first Cow Palace Battle Royal and he reinvented the gimmick match and made it a huge drawing card.

It was his booking of their battle royal that led to Los Angeles adopting a similar formula and more notable influenced Pat Patterson who brought the idea east and reinvented it as the "Royal Rumble," which is going strong fifty years later.

1968 - Bill Miller 
1969 - Ray Stevens

There were no battle royals in 1970 and 1971

1972 - Ray Stevens 
1973 - Great Mephisto 
1974 - Peter Maivia 
1975 Pat Patterson 
1976 - Mr Fuji 
1977 - Andre The Giant 
1978 - Don Muraco 
1979 Ron Starr**
1980 - Ray Stevens 
1981 - Pat Patterson