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Pro-Wrestlers and Prison

posted Aug 13, 2018, 6:51 PM by Wrestling Scout
Over the past month, there have been three events that have brought about some reflections on pro-wrestlers and prison sentences. The first was the death of Masa Saito, who did a few years back in the 1980s.  Saito and Ken Patera were believed to have thrown a giant rock through a McDonalds' window and later engaged in a physical exchange with local police.  Saito could have fled back to Japan and escaped his sentence, but he chose to remain and serve his time.  
Masa Saito adviser Sakaguchi, Choshu Seiji, Maeda Hiroaki
Once out, Saito had to return to Japan as the American scene was shrinking and he enjoyed success as a rival of Antonio Inoki.  His death was a mainstream sports story in Japan and his pall bearers were a regular all-star team of Japanese wrestling - Riki Choshu, Akira Maeda, Kensuke Sasaki, Keiji Muto and others (pictured).

Related imageThe other event was the sentencing of Ayako Hamada (pictured) for possession of methamphetamines.  Hamada has been bouncing between Japan and Mexico for years and the ties to illegal drugs led her to announce her retirement in Japan (a country where drugs of this sort are extremely taboo) as companies will probably not employ her after she gets out.  It should be noted that a number of foreigners traveling to Japan have run into issues related to drug possession including Steve Williams (who stayed out of the country for a few years), Matt Sydal (who has not been back) and even recent WWE signee Io Shirai ran into some problems with her boyfriend Nosawa when some drugs were apparently planted on them.

The last and most tragic is the recent death of Brian Christopher Lawler.  The former WWF and USWA star had been battling substance abuse and Image result for brian lawlerlegal issues for years.  Following an arrest that might have led him to a lengthy prison sentence, Lawler hung himself in his cell.  Lawler, who wrestled as "Brian Christopher" and "Grandmaster Sexay", was a tremendously talented performer in his day.  His father, Jerry Lawler, was famous for not drinking or using drugs, but for his son it became a struggle that plagued him most of his career.  Christopher's death is similar to Kerry Von Erich and Eddie Graham who were facing public disgrace and time behind bars.

Danny Little Bear
Evelyn Stevens