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NoShavember - Greatest Beards in Pro-Wrestling

posted Nov 21, 2018, 7:36 PM by Wrestling Scout
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Beards are a fashion trend that have come and gone over the years.  Most recently, it seems like they're everywhere and the pro-wrestling world is no different.  When analyzing what makes a "great beard" on a pro-wrestler, one must consider several factors.

1. Does the beard make the man?Image result for jim neidhart
Many pro-wrestlers have famous beards that are their trademark.  It may even overshadow the rest of their character!  Just as a unique hair style can take a pro-wrestler's character to another level, a beard can do the same.  The beard can take on a life of its own and may be more over than the man wearing it.  

2. Is the beard key to the character?
Image result for hollywood hoganWhen a pro-wrestler is developing their character, a beard can be crucial in projecting something.  A wildman like Bruiser Brody or Pampero Firpo was best suited by having a full bushy beard.  A hillbilly like Haystacks Calhoun or Whiskers Savage just needed to have an unkempt beard.  Other times, the beard is crucial in a character shift.  When Steve Austin transformed into "Stone Cold," he shaved his head, but he also grew a goatee and he needed both pieces for it all to work.  When Hulk Hogan turned heel, adding his black stubble in addition to his new black attire was important.

3. Can you imagine the pro-wrestler without a beard?
Image result for randy savage baseball

Many pro-wrestlers have worn beards throughout their careers.  For some, it was a passing phase and they became better remembered for having a mustache or being clean shaven.  There are some who simply wore a beard most their career.

Ian Campbell
Cuban Assassin
Big Bruno Erlington
The Kalimikoffs (Ivan & Karol)
The Kentuckians (Grizzly Smith & Luke Brown)
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LeDuc Brothers (Paul & Jos)
Jim Neidhart
Rasputin (Johnny Howard)