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National Multiple Personality Day - Pro-Wrestlers with the Most Personas

posted Mar 5, 2019, 7:53 PM by Wrestling Scout
There has always been a great deal of discussion about the pro-wrestlers with the most identities.  While some wrestlers have had a large number of names and nicknames, they did not have as many distinctively different characters as one might think by looking at a Wikipedia entry.

No one had more individual personas then Don Kalt.  He wrestled in five different decades and the handsome young partner of Ray Stevens in the Columbus and the bearded, tattooed and grizzled roughneck Don Fargo working undercards on AWA's ESPN seem like two radically different people.  In between those two are nearly a dozen characters including a bodybuilder, a biker, a gunslinger and a classic bleach blonde heel.

While he has been known as "Kane" for the past twenty years, that character has had multiple transformations.  Prior to becoming the younger brother of The Undertaker, he was a knockoff of Diesel, a knockoff of Lord Humongous, a dentist and more.

Although he worked under a variety of masked personas, Colley had several characters of note.  At the top of that list is as Moondog Rex, half of the famous tag team.  He and Bill Eadie, brought the Demolition act to the WWF, but he was released.  He did use the face-painted Detroit Demolition character elsewhere.  Colley also took on some lesser identities like Deadeye Dick and Randy the Mountaineer as well.

A successful amateur and solid performer, Mike Shaw was saddled with more bad gimmicks than anyone of his ability level.  Bastion Booger, the grossout king; Friar Ferguson, the corrupted monk; Norman the Lunatic, a mental patient; Trucker Norman, a truck driver; Klondike Mike, a Yukon Eric type and so on.  However, it was as a fake Pakistani heel, Mukhan Singh, that he was at his best.

While many would claim Stan Frazier had two dozen characters, most were a different take on the same one.  He was a giant from Mississippi and played a huge hillbilly with numerous handles.  Aside from those, he worked as Uncle Elmer, which was not all that different.  He also rotated through several silly characters like Kimala 2, the Lone Ranger, Playboy Frazier and such that were short-term comedy characters.  His most unusual one was The Convict, where he wore a striped mask and had success in Los Angeles and Japan.

Honorable Mentions
Guy Mitchell - 7
Charles Wright - 7
Ed Leslie - 7
Nelson Frazier - 6