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August 8th is International Cat Day

posted Aug 8, 2018, 7:47 PM by Wrestling Scout
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August 8th is International Cat Day!  There have been a large number of pro-wrestlers who have had cat names or nicknames.

The record probably goes to Chris Jericho who has had 

In Mexico, Jericho initially used the name Leon d'Oro ("Golden Lion"), but he later become known as "Corazon de Leon," which he translated to "Lionheart" when traveling elsewhere.  He even called his quebrada the "Lionsault" and his version of the Boston Crab the "Liontamer" (although both were renamed when he overhauled his persona in the WWF).  While working in Japan for WAR, he joined a heel stable with Kodo Fuyuki, Gedo and Jado and used the name Lion-do to play off his stablemates' names.  He also worked as Super Liger* in New Japan, although that persona was quickly dropped.  Therefore, Chris Jericho is the reigning cat champion with FIVE cat personas.

Image result for jushin liger new japan* - "Liger" is a lion/tiger hybrid, which does exist.  While we might not think of Jushin "Thunder" Liger as being cat-related, the main character in the anime that inspired the pro-wrestler was tied to a liger.

Here is a list of notable pro-wrestlers who used cat-related nicknames or names.

Black Tiger (Mark Rocco)
Black Tiger II (Eddy Guerrero)
Black Tiger III (Silver King)
Tiger Conway Jr.
Tiger Conway Sr.
Tiger Hattori
Tiger Jackson
Tiger Mask II (Mitsuharu Misawa)
Tiger Mask III (Koji Kanemoto)
Tiger Mask IV

Black Panther (Black Warrior)
El Pantera
"Black Panther" Jim Mitchell
"Doncaster Panther" Albert Wall

Other Big Cats
"Wildcat" Robbie Brookside
Cheetah Kid (Rocco Rock)
Leopard Mask (Rocco Rock)

Other "Cats"
Bearcat Brown