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April 14th is National Ex-Spouse Day

posted Apr 14, 2018, 5:40 PM by Wrestling Scout
The following is an incomplete list of the many marriages that have not lasted whether it was because of the business or other issues.  The nature of the pro-wrestling business led to plenty of marriages being broken up by someone being left for someone else - Did Sable leave Marc Mero for Brock Lesnar?  Did Nikki Bella leave Dolph Ziggler for John Cena? Did Stephanie McMahon steal Triple H away from Chyna?                                      Eddie Gilbert divorced Missy Hyatt                                                                                             and married Madusa soon thereafter

Chris Adams & Jeannie Clark
Chris Adams & Toni Clark
Kurt Angle & Karen Angle
Steve Austin & Lady Blossom (Jeannie Clark)
Steve Austin & Debra
Brian Blair & Mike McGuirk
Brazo de Oro & Lady Apache
Dirty White Boy (Tony Anthony) & Dirty White Girl
Fishman & Lola Gonzalez
Eddie Gilbert & Missy Hyatt
Gran Apache** & Lady Apache
Sam Houston** & Baby Doll
Sam Menacker & June Byers
Rayo de Jalisco Jr. & Mitzuki Wong
Akio Sato & Betty Nicolli
Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth
Hugo Savinovich & Wendi Richter
Eddie Sharkey & Princess Little Cloud
Silver King & Xochitl Hamada
The Spoiler & Evelyn Stevens
Kevin Sullivan & Fallen Angel (Nancy Sullivan)
Billy Wolfe (Jr.) & June Byers
Billy Wolfe (Sr.) & Mildred Burke