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17 Years After WCW... who is still kicking around?

posted Jul 12, 2018, 7:18 PM by Wrestling Scout
Image result for meiko satomura mae youngThe news of Meiko Satomura is a big deal to many because she is one of the few remaining links to the third (and final) boom of women's wrestling in Japan.  That might be a bit of stretch as she debuted in 1995 in GAEA and was not really part of those big interpromotional events, but she was a top star in GAEA when it became the top women's promotion before the scene collapsed.

The other link that might not be commonly brought up is that Meiko Satomura worked for WCW in 1996.  This was 22 years ago (it was in the second year of her career) and there are only a handful of people who worked for WCW that are still wrestling with any regularity and even fewer that are able to perform at a top level.  Satomura, at 38 years of age, is one of the few.  The only other GAEA girls that came over that still wrestles regularly is Sonoko Kato.

Related imageThe other wrestler of note would be AJ Styles, the current WWE Champion, who was with WCW for a few months before the company closed.  Styles went on to wrestle on the independents, NWA-TNA (later Impact Wrestling and TNA), Ring of Honor and finally New Japan before coming to the WWE in 2016.  He has managed maintain his abilities and is still considered one of the best in the world.

There are a number of ambassadors who are often Hall of Famers who are affiliated with the WWE.  People like Ric Flair, Sting and Ricky Steamboat who were legends in WCW regularly show up at WWE events.  There are also a significant number of agents, producers and trainers.  In addition, there are some on-air personalities who worked for WCW as well.

Arn Anderson
Scott Armstrong
Fit Finlay
Billy Kidman
Jaime Noble

Many of luchadors are still active (or at least semi-active), although none are performing at the level they were in the 1990s.  The possible exception of Rey Mysterio who works a different style and is selective about his schedule.
Image result for rey mysterio 2018

La Parka (LA Park)

In Japan, particularly in New Japan, there are several wrestlers who can perform at a high level when called upon, but they are not what they once were.
Related image

Dragon Kid
Kaz Hayashi

There are a lot of wrestlers who continue to work on independents and bigger companies when they have the chance although not as regularly as they once did and most of them are breaking down physically.

Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Shane Helms