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CMLL's Juicio Final (1989-2005)

posted by Wrestling Scout

Related imageIn 1989, CMLL introduced a Friday night end-of-the-year supershow called "Juicio Final" (Final Justice) and ran several big lucha de apuesta matches through 1996.  They brought the name back a few more times, used the name "Sin Piedad" (No Mercy) other times and moved to other months other years.

December 1, 1989 - Fuerza Guerrera and Rocky Star in a Lucha de Apuesta, mask vs. mask match
December 8, 1989 - All Star vs. El Hijo del Santo in a Lucha de Apuesta, mask vs. mask match

December 14, 1990 - Octagón vs. Huracán Ramírez vs. Fuerza Guerrera in a Lucha de Apuesta, mask vs. mask match

December 13, 1991 - Máscara Año 2000 vs. Aníbal in a Lucha de Apuesta, mask vs. mask match

December 18, 1992 - Pierroth Jr. vs. El Supremo in a best two-out-of-three falls Lucha de Apuestas mask vs. mask match

December 3, 1993 - Mano Negra vs. Bestia Salvaje, Lucha de Apuestas, hair Vs. hair match
December 10, 1993 - Mocho Cota vs Kato Kung Lee, Lucha de Apuestas, hair Vs. hair match

December 16, 1994 - La Fiera vs. Black Magic, Lucha de Apuestas, hair Vs. hair match

December 1, 1995 - Shocker vs. Kahoz, Lucha de Apuestas, mask vs. mask match

December 6, 1996 - El Hijo del Santo vs. Negro Casas vs. El Dandy, three-way Lucha de Apuestas, mask vs. hair vs. hair match

December 3, 1999 - Pierroth Jr. vs. Brazo de Plata, Lucha de Apuestas, hair vs. hair match

December 2, 2005 - Universo 2000 vs. Halloween in a Lucha de Apuesta, hair vs. hair match

Guerra de Titanes (1997-2018)

posted Dec 2, 2018, 6:16 PM by Wrestling Scout

Image result for guerra de titanes

1997 - Heavy Metal & Perro Aguayo vs. Picudo & Sangre Chicana – Steel Cage Match
1998 - OctagónHeavy Metal vs. Pentagón & Kick Boxer – Steel Cage Match
1999 - Octagón vs. Jaque Mate – Luchas de Apuestas "mask vs. mask" match
2000 - Héctor Garza & Latin Lover vs. Heavy Metal & Perro Aguayo Jr. – "Extreme" Steel Cage Match
2001 - Heavy Metal vs. Perro Aguayo Jr. vs. Héctor Garza vs. Latin Lover – Luchas de Apuestas "loser loses his hair elimination" match
2002 - El Alebrije, Máscara Sagráda, La Parka and Octagón vs. Abismo NegroCibernético, the Monsther and Leatherface
2003 - Latin Lover & Michael Shane defeated Mr. Aguila & David Young
(Televisa Tag Team Tournament final)
2004 - Cibernético & La Parka vs. La Legión Extranjera (Konnan & Rikishi) 
2005 - Abismo Negro, Latin Lover and La Parka vs. La Secta Cibernetica (Cibernético, Dark Cuervo and Dark Escoria)
2006 - Cibernético vs. Muerte Cibernetica with Konnan as special guest referee – "extreme coffin" match.
2007 - El Mesias vs. Cibernético vs. El Zorro for the AAA Mega Championship
2008 - Pirata Morgan vs. Electroshock vs. Super Fly vs. Brazo de Plata vs. El Brazo vs. El Elegido – Steel Cage Match Luchas de Apuestas
2009 - Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. El Mesias – Domo De La Muerte cage match for the AAA Mega Championship
2010 - Los Perros del Mal (Damián 666, Halloween and X-Fly) vs. Los Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Monster Clown and Murder Clown) – Steel cage weapons match
2011 - Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. L.A. Park for the AAA Latin American Championship
2012 - Chessman vs. Cibernético vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. L.A. Park vs. El Hijo del Perro Aguayo vs. Vampiro – Steel cage Lucha de Apuestas "hairs vs. masks" match
2014 - El Texano Jr. vs. El Patrón Alberto for the AAA Mega Championship
2016 - El Mesías & El Texano Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown
2017 - Johnny Mundo vs. Pentagón Jr. for the AAA Latin American Championship
2018 - El Hijo del Fantasma vs. El Texano Jr. for the AAA Latin American Championship
2018 - Faby Apache vs. Lady Shani vs. Keyra vs. La Hiedra vs. Scarlett Bordeaux for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship

35th Anniversary of the first Starrcade

posted Nov 23, 2018, 5:42 AM by Wrestling Scout

Starrcade 83 poster.jpgIn 1983, Jim Crockett Promotions' annual Thanksgiving Day show took on a new name - "Starrcade."  This new event succeeded a long-standing tradition of shows in both Greensboro, North Carolina and Norfolk, Virginia. Starrcade maintained its Turkey Day airing for several years before shifting to December.  The event became WCW's big annual event up until 2000 (several months before the WWF purchased them).

The WWF, now WWE, has begun recycling some of the old JCP and WCW concepts.  They have promoted Great American Bash and Clash of Champions events and used War Games, but no event carries more prestige than Starrcade.  Last year, they brought the event back to Greensboro as a house show and 

This event, which will be a house show in Cincinnati, which seems more like a choice based on where the company happens to be then recognizing the Greensboro tradition like they did last year.

  1. The Assassins (#1 & #2) (w/ Paul Jones) vs. Rufus R. Jones & Bugsy McGraw 
  2. Kevin Sullivan and Mark Lewin (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Johnny Weaver & Scott McGhee 
  3. Carlos Colon vs. Abdullah the Butcher 
  4. Bob Orton Jr. & Dick Slater vs.  Wahoo McDaniel & Mark Youngblood
  5. Charlie Brown (Jimmy Valiant) vs. Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) (NWA TV Title vs. Mask match
  6. Roddy Piper vs. Greg Valentine (Dog Collar match)
  7. Brisco Brothers (Jack & Jerry) vs. Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (NWA World Tag Team Championship with Guest Referee Angelo Mosca)
  8. Harley Race vs. Ric Flair in a Steel Cage match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship with Guest Referee Gene Kiniski)

NoShavember - Greatest Beards in Pro-Wrestling

posted Nov 21, 2018, 7:36 PM by Wrestling Scout

Related image
Beards are a fashion trend that have come and gone over the years.  Most recently, it seems like they're everywhere and the pro-wrestling world is no different.  When analyzing what makes a "great beard" on a pro-wrestler, one must consider several factors.

1. Does the beard make the man?Image result for jim neidhart
Many pro-wrestlers have famous beards that are their trademark.  It may even overshadow the rest of their character!  Just as a unique hair style can take a pro-wrestler's character to another level, a beard can do the same.  The beard can take on a life of its own and may be more over than the man wearing it.  

2. Is the beard key to the character?
Image result for hollywood hoganWhen a pro-wrestler is developing their character, a beard can be crucial in projecting something.  A wildman like Bruiser Brody or Pampero Firpo was best suited by having a full bushy beard.  A hillbilly like Haystacks Calhoun or Whiskers Savage just needed to have an unkempt beard.  Other times, the beard is crucial in a character shift.  When Steve Austin transformed into "Stone Cold," he shaved his head, but he also grew a goatee and he needed both pieces for it all to work.  When Hulk Hogan turned heel, adding his black stubble in addition to his new black attire was important.

3. Can you imagine the pro-wrestler without a beard?
Image result for randy savage baseball

Many pro-wrestlers have worn beards throughout their careers.  For some, it was a passing phase and they became better remembered for having a mustache or being clean shaven.  There are some who simply wore a beard most their career.

Ian Campbell
Cuban Assassin
Big Bruno Erlington
The Kalimikoffs (Ivan & Karol)
The Kentuckians (Grizzly Smith & Luke Brown)
Related image
LeDuc Brothers (Paul & Jos)
Jim Neidhart
Rasputin (Johnny Howard)

The first all-women's pay-per-view... happened 26 years ago?

posted Oct 28, 2018, 7:31 PM by Wrestling Scout

In 1989, the LPWA (Ladies' Professional Wrestling Association) was formed by Tor Berg.  It was essentially the successor to GLOW, but opted for a more serious approach.  In 1992, they held their first pay-per-view event and the first all-women's pro-wrestling pay-per-view event.  The WWE's Evolution show, while it will have more eyeballs watching and a bigger house in attendance, is not, despite what they say, the first all-women's pay-per-view.

1. Susan Green vs. Denise Storm
2. Reggie Bennett vs. Yukari Osawa
3. Eagle Sawai** vs. Midori Saito
4. Harley Saito vs. Mizuki Endo
5. Miki Handa & Mami Kitamura vs. Allison Royal and Lisa Starr
6. Shinobu Kandori vs. Desiree Petersen
7. Denise Storm vs. Reggie Bennett
9. Rockin' Robin vs. Black Venus
10. Lelani Kai & Judy Martin vs. Bambi & Malia Hosaka
11. Harley Saito vs. Denise Storm
12. Terri Power (Tori) defeated Lady X (Peggy Lee Leather) 

October is Italian-American Heritage

posted Oct 23, 2018, 5:38 PM by Wrestling Scout

October is Italian-American Heritage Month in the United States.  Columbus Day, despite all its controversies, is traditionally something of an Italian pride holiday as Christopher Columbus was originally from Italy.  While the presence of Italian culture in the United States may not seem unusual today, they came in waves during the late 1800s and early 1900s and were not always well received.  In the pro-wrestling realm, Italians were not bringing wrestling traditions like other Europeans were, but they could bring in the fans, especially in the urban areas like New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore, where significant "Little Italy" neighborhoods developed.  In Canada, Toronto and Montreal both had significant Italian immigrant communities worth noting.  While World War I had curbed immigration, World War II caused another wave of European migration away from the war-torn continent.

Dennis Coraluzzo
Mickey Garagiola
Renato Gardini
Baron Mikel Leone
Luigi Macera
Betty Nicolli 
Tony Rumble
Joe Scarpello
Louie Spicolli

#ThankYouRoman - Pro-Wrestlers vs. Leukemia

posted Oct 22, 2018, 7:26 PM by Wrestling Scout

WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns relinquished his title and announced that his leukemia had returned (after 11 years) and he will need to leave for treatment.  It was a touching moment amidst a hurricane of controversy surrounding the Crown Jewel show in Saudia Arabia, hype around the Women's Evolution show and continuing ratings downturn during football season.

While the list is not an uplifting one, Roman Reigns lives in a different time and he has beaten leukemia once, hopefully he can again.

NWA Anniversary Shows (1998-2018)

posted Oct 21, 2018, 7:51 PM by Wrestling Scout

On October 21st, the current version of the National Wrestling Alliance will be offering up their 70th Anniversary show.  It is the 10th show since the quasi-tradition started with a Dennis Coralluzzo show in New Jersey in 1998.  Legend has it that Coralluzzo "lost" the proceeds from the show and that led to his departure from the NWA.

The anniversary shows continued annually for the next seven years in all the NWA hotbeds - North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee...and Winnipeg?

The shows have largely been mediocre independent shows with a strange mix of indy darlings, notable names of the past and the local promoter's favorites.  The 52nd and 57th Anniversary shows were both held at the historic Nashville Fairgrounds and for the 70th they will be returning.

Notable Appearances
Abdullah the Butcher (50th, 51st, 60th)
Steve Corino* (50th, 53rd)
Christopher Daniels (50th, 53rd)
Fergal Devitt (Finn Balor) (55th, 56th, 57th)
Steven Dunn (Steve Doll)
Doug Gilbert
Chris Hero
Lelani Kai (52nd, 55th)
Ron Killings
Kenny Omega
"PCO" Pierre Carl Ouelett
Steven Regal (William Regal)
Giant Silva* (Great Khali)
Slash (Wolfie D)
AJ Styles (52nd, 53rd, 54th)

WOHOF 2018 Ballot

posted Sep 26, 2018, 2:19 PM by Wrestling Scout   [ updated Sep 26, 2018, 2:26 PM ]

It's Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame season and those who can vote have received their ballots and any changes that Dave Meltzer has made (moving people around in categories, adding recently deceased nominees and adding nominees that people have lobbied to be added on) are now out there and being discussed.


Modern US & Canada


Other Places (Europe, Australia, etc.)


Bill Apter (magazines)
Lord James Blears (commentator)
Dave Brown (commentator)
Jim Crockett, Jr. (promoter) 
Jim Crockett, Sr. (promoter)
Howard Finkel (announcer) 
Ed Francis (promoter)
Gary Hart (booker / manager) 
Jimmy Hart (manager)  
Jerry Jarrett (promoter / booker) 
Larry Matysik (promoter / booker)
Don Owen (promoter)  
Steve Rickard (promoter)
George Scott (booker) 
Stanley Weston (magazines) 

!! - new to the ballot
† - passed away this past year

Business Woman's Day

posted Sep 22, 2018, 7:23 AM by Wrestling Scout

September 22nd is National Business Woman's Day in the United States.  There are several notable women who have made an impact on the pro-wrestling business at many different levels.  Some were successful local promoters during the territorial era.  In more recent times, there are a number of female wrestlers in Japan who have promoted their own companies and shows.  The successes of all these women is dwarfed by the power of Motoko Baba (pictured).  The wife of Shohei "Giant" Baba, the founder, promoter and long-time top star of All Japan Pro-Wrestling, Motoko wielded more influence than any other women ever has in professional wrestling.

Motoko Baba**
Command Bolshoi
Aileen Eaton
Fabulous Moolah
Ann Gunkel
Yumiko Hotta
Lia Maivia
Linda McMahon
Stephanie McMahon

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