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  • Pro-Wrestlers and Prison Over the past month, there have been three events that have brought about some reflections on pro-wrestlers and prison sentences. The first was the death of Masa Saito, who did a few years back in the 1980s.  Saito and Ken Patera were believed to have thrown a giant rock through a McDonalds' window and later engaged in a physical exchange with local police.  Saito could have fled back to Japan and escaped his sentence, but he chose to remain and serve his time.  Once out, Saito had to return to Japan as the American scene was shrinking and he enjoyed success as a rival of Antonio Inoki.  His death was a mainstream sports story in Japan and ...
    Posted Aug 13, 2018, 6:51 PM by Wrestling Scout
  • August 8th is International Cat Day August 8th is International Cat Day!  There have been a large number of pro-wrestlers who have had cat names or nicknames.The record probably goes to Chris Jericho who has had In Mexico, Jericho initially used the name Leon d'Oro ("Golden Lion"), but he later become known as "Corazon de Leon," which he translated to "Lionheart" when traveling elsewhere.  He even called his quebrada the "Lionsault" and his version of the Boston Crab the "Liontamer" (although both were renamed when he overhauled his persona in the WWF).  While working in Japan for WAR, he joined a heel stable with Kodo Fuyuki, Gedo and Jado and used the name Lion-do to play off his stablemates' names.  He also ...
    Posted Aug 8, 2018, 7:47 PM by Wrestling Scout
  • Thesz/Tragos Hall of Fame - Class of 2018 This past weekend, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Waterloo, Iowa recognized the members of its Professional Wrestling Hall.  George Tragos Award - Ben Askren Lou Thesz Award - Booker TFrank Gotch Award - Bruiser BrodyLiving inductee - Dan SevernPosthumous inductee - Owen HartJim Melby Award - Koji Miyamoto
    Posted Aug 1, 2018, 6:20 PM by Wrestling Scout
  • 15 All Japan Women Cards That Were Bigger than WWE's Evolution Will Be The WWE announced their first all-women show, WWE Evolution, which will take place at the Nassau Coliseum in October.While it is a significant step for the largest pro-wrestling company in the world, it might not even crack the top fifteen all-women shows that All Japan Women hosted.  The Nassau Coliseum's last major WWE show, 2010's Fatal 4-Way, has a listed attendance of 10,000 and these fifteen shows are at least that.  The other notable shows Great American Bash `08 (12,000+), Summerslam `02 (14,000+) and WrestleMania 2 (16,000+).During All Japan Women's nearly forty years of existence, they had 3 boom periods in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s and ...
    Posted Jul 24, 2018, 7:15 PM by Wrestling Scout
  • 17 Years After WCW... who is still kicking around? The news of Meiko Satomura is a big deal to many because she is one of the few remaining links to the third (and final) boom of women's wrestling in Japan.  That might be a bit of stretch as she debuted in 1995 in GAEA and was not really part of those big interpromotional events, but she was a top star in GAEA when it became the top women's promotion before the scene collapsed.The other link that might not be commonly brought up is that Meiko Satomura worked for WCW in 1996.  This was 22 years ago (it was in the second year of her career) and there are only a handful of people who worked for ...
    Posted Jul 12, 2018, 7:18 PM by Wrestling Scout
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