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Music Assignment.

I'm interested in your music choices.

Send me your top five songs. The songs must be recent.  By recent, you may submit any song from 2010 to today.

The songs you choose must deal with a serious theme.  The song should be cliche free. 

Write one paragraph for each song.  In the paragraph, name the title of the song, the artist, and provide a description of what the song is about generally speaking.  Finally, determine the song's deeper meaning.  Deeper meaning, in this context, is the song's theme.  

Possible themes are unlimited.  Is the song about?
Social Justice
Society as machine
The dream of a better life
Love and love lost

Or, any other deeper meaning you can attach to the song.

Write one paragraph for each song. Send to my email. 


1. Deadmau5 and How to destroy Angels Remix.  2014.  Song title:  Ice Age. This song is a song written by How to Destroy Angels and remixed by Deadmau5.  The song is about love lost.  The song has to do with the impact to a person's heart and mind after a relationship has ended.  The theme, the universal concept, is loneliness and longing.  The song suggests that even when we separate from those we love, no matter the reason, the need to belong and be close exists and must be recognized.

Having trouble?  Email me immediately or talk to me during class.  I have multiple ways for struggling students to complete this assignment.

Do you want to complete a sixth song?  If you do, you can do one of the following options.

1. Any song from any time period but same directions for the paragraph.
2. Do an analysis of any current pop song and describe the myth or lie the song promotes.

A word about theme.

A theme is an idea or concept that has universal appeal.  In what way does the theme found in your song address a basic need in all humanity?  Themes cut across cultures and across time.  If you can answer that question, you've located the theme.  

How do the concerns established in the song relate across culture and time to the human heart?

Special Note:  All typed assignments, including those submitted online via email, must still adhere to MLA format.  

Times New Roman font size 12 ONLY.


You must have this assignment completed before the day it is due. You must complete this assignment even if you are sick and miss a day.  You have two weeks.  No late work accepted on this assignment for any reason.  If you miss a day, or two, or three, within that two week period, it does not change the due date.  This assignment may be completed early.  It may not be completed or sent to the email late for any reason.  

Editorial Example   There are two new examples.  Want to know how to get an A?  Please look at the form as well as the content of the two examples.  Mimic the form, style, work ethic and attention to content, and you will do well.  

In addition, attempt to extend the argument.  Pick issues where you can draw a line in the sand and take a stand.  Agree, extend, analyze, and comment.  Or, disagree, extend, analyze, and comment. Remember, you are practicing argument. I trust you to be fair.  You are in a nonjudgmental environment.  All view points are welcome if those views are well-argued and extended.  Now is your time to practice.  Get into the heart of each issue.  

10th Honors New editorial instructions are here.  Simply click on the link and read with care. 

English III New editorial instructions are here.  Simply click on the link and read with care.

7 Minutes of Terror  - What does this have to do with the skills you are learning in English?  

Improve Your Google Search - Google can be your best friend or it can reflect your inability to ask quality questions.

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