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Wrekin Writers are quite a productive bunch really. Below are details of some of our members' individual publications as well as details of our own group anthologies.

 The Wrekin Writers' Anthology 2012

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 The Wrekin Writers' Anthology 2011

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 The Wrekin Writer Anthology 2010

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 The Wrekin Writers Chairman's Challenge Anthology for 2009.

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 The Chairman's Challenge Anthology for 2008 (by Wrekin Writers)

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The Chairman's Challenge Anthology for 2007. (by Wrekin Writers)

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The Chairman's Challenge Anthology for 2006 (by Wrekin Writers)

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The Chairman's Challenge Antholgoy for 2005 (by Wrekin Writers)

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The Chairman's Challenge Anthology for 2004 (by Wrekin Writers)

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The Chairman's Challenge Anthology for 2003 (by Wrekin Writers)

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A Little Guide For Grumpy Old Men

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Never mind about ruling the world, although you could, no doubt, do it better than the idiots in charge. Who cares about being youthful, athletic or handsome when you've been there, done that and got the scars to prove it?

Joking apart, there are plenty of ways to make your life much happier as you get older and that's what this little book is really all about. It's a mixture of humour and advice, written by a very contented 83-year-old who knows what he's talking about.

After deciding to make happiness your top priority, learn how to attain and keep it, with brief lessons ranging from not taking yourself - or anyone else - seriously, and the need for a HOW (happy old woman) to neighbours - like them if it kills them - and enemies (how not to have any). Remember that hurrying is for the young! So, sit back, relax and enjoy life.

George Evans lives in the town where he was born 83 years ago and can't pretend to be anything he's not because he'd get caught out.

He taught for over forty years and still does occasional 'gigs' between writing and walking in the woods and on his favourite hill.

He is a Happy Old Man and his proofreader is the finest Happy Old Woman in the world.

 100 Ways For A Chicken To Train Its Human by Diane Parker (now Diane Perry)

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If you think you are in charge of your chickens, prepare for a change in the pecking order. From Fowl Play to Hen-tertainment, in this hilarious collection by Diane Parker the chickens show us who are really in charge, and what they’re really plotting inside their coops!

Don’t worry about the morning after the night before. Unmade nests, broken eggs and scattered food -your human will not even notice the difference and they always have spare time to clean up after you.

Free range means you have the right to roam. However you choose to do it, escape on a regular basis and refuse to return until you are ready.

Try to tip your food hopper up so all the corn spills. That way your human will have to refill it on a more regular basis.

 43 L Plates - A Collection of Short Stories (story included by Darren Bailey)

Wrekin Writer, Darren Bailey, successfully had one of his short stories selected for this intriguing anthology.

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How would you link an 'L' Plate with a dog, a padlock, a railway, and a pair of scissors?
 100 Ways For A Dog To Train Its Human by Simon Whaley

The 200,000+ bestseller!

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On days out to the beach, always be the first in the family to get out of the car, onto the beach and into the sea. Always be the last in the family to get out of the sea, onto the beach and into the car. Remember to shake excess sea water from your fur once you are inside the car.

Humans may refrain from passing you food to test. To them, a piece of salmon, followed by Liquorice Allsorts, a chocolate cake, and a selection of vegetables is a foul combination. Humans believe meals should be categorised into three sections. A starter, a main course and a sweet. Disavow them of this. Food is food is food.

Always make sure you have more energy at the end of a walk, than you did at the beginning. Believe me, humans love the futility of taking you for a walk to tire you out.
 100 Muddy Paws For Thought by Simon Whaley

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Our humans pretend to get upset when we get muddy but we know they expect it really. At last, gems of doggy wisdom on how to wear your mud with pride! On those wet, windy, wintry walks when you're as dirty and as slimy as you can get, don't slip and slide frenetically as you try to clamber over a stile. Let your human sweep you up into their arms and gently carry you over, whilst you watch the remnants of that cow pat transfer from your coat to theirs. Responsible humans like to know where you are at all times. Be considerate and tell them where you've been too, by leaving a trail of muddy footprints across all floor surfaces. It's only since humans have domesticated dogs, that you've had to be clean. Go ancestral. Get dirty!
 The Little Book of Alternative Garden Wisdom - by Simon Whaley

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"A garden should be a room for the whole family to enjoy. Ensure that there are sufficient electrical sockets for the children to plug their computer game consoles into."

"Talking to your plants can help them to grow and thrive, so never talk to weeds. Treat them, as you would your other half."

"Anything that is past its prime and organic will eventually rot down and can therefore be added to a compost heap – except elderly relatives."

The Bluffer's Guide to Banking by Simon Whaley (co-written with Robert Cooper)

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An astonishing amount of information anyone may profit from.
The Daily Telegraph
Relationship manager
Bank employee whose job is to ensure you maintin your relationshiop with his/her bank, rather than starting a new one with another bank.
I do thee wed
A mortgage is also the start of a relationship that may last longer than most marriages.
Death duty?
Banks are more than willing to continue serving their customers in death, particularly as this is the area of work in which they receive fewest compalaints from their customers.
Best Walks in the Welsh Borders by Simon Whaley

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From beyond Llangollen in the north to Symonds Yat near Chepstow in the south, the Welsh/English border offers some of the quietest and most remote walking in Southern Britain. There are plenty of reminders of the often turbulent history of the area to beguile the walker: Offa's Dyke, castles, abbeys, quiet villages and small towns and the relics of industrial and military activity. This book selects 35 of the best walks, including ascents of Wenlock Edge and the Sugar Loaf, and suggests routes for walkers of all ages and abilities.

Fundraising for a Community Project by Simon Whaley

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This book provides advice in plain language about what needs to be considered before completing an application form for funding; where to get support and further advice; how to calculate realistic costs and how to collect baseline data and provide the necessary documentary evidence to back up the statements in an application form.This book is an invaluable guide, for all grant applicants, including local community groups and those operating grant schemes, such as local authority officers or public/private partnerships.
Running A Writer's Circle by Simon Whaley

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Based on the author's many years' experience as chairman of a writers' circle (er... that'll be this one then!) , this book will guide you through the process of running your own.
Puppytalk - 50 Ways To Make Friends With Your Puppy by Simon Whaley

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How can you tell if your puppy is happy? What games do puppies love best? How will your puppy get on with other pets?

Puppytalk is an adorable book for anyone who has ever wondered how to make friends with their puppy. It's packed with expert advice on how to communicate and have fun with your puppy and make sure he is contented.

The perfect gift for everyone who loves puppies.
The Freelance Phtographer's Project Book (several contributors - Chapter 18 by Simon Whaley)

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The book contains 20 chapters set out as projects to help you sell your photography. It is aimed at the enthusiastic amateur and semi-professional who wants to sell their photos or increase their earnings from photography. Each project is written by a photographer experienced in the particular subject covered.
The Bluffer's Guide to Hiking by Simon Whaley

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Take a hike Mankind has been walking since around 3 million years BC (Before Cars), so understandably human feet are beginning to ache a bit now. However, in today's congested world, it's often quicker to leave modern transport methods behind and strike out on Shank's Pony.
All About Christmas by Dorothy Nicolle

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This book was written as a response to the many people who, having attened my talk on 'The truth about Christmas', said that I should write a book on the subject. I have seldom had more fun in researching a subject - trying to discover when the first Christmas actually took place, searching for the hidden meaning behind 'The Twelve Days of Christmas', and learning the original names of Santa's reindeer.

Shropshire Oddities by Dorothy Nicolle

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Aound Shrewsbury by Dorothy Nicolle

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The Funny, Freindly Zoo by Mollie Bolt

My Funny, Friendly Zoo by Mollie Bolt is a beautifully illustrated, poetic tour through an child's ideal zoo! All profits from the sale of this publication will be shared between the Severn Hospice and Hope House.

To see some sample pages of Mollie's Book please click on the PDF attachment at the foot of this page entitled "myfunnyfriendlyzoo.pdf"

Priced £5 (+ 50p postage & packing) the book can be bought from:

Mrs M Bolt
29 Christine Avenue

Please make cheques payable to M Bolt.

Copies can also be obtained from various venues in Wellington, Shropshire, including:

  • Wellington News
  • Miles Outfitters
  • Oasis Dentists
  • Wellington Camera Shop

The anthology was edited by Roger Hoult, Editor of the Salopian poetry Society, of which, Mollie Bolt, is an active member. The Salopian Poetry Society can be contacted at Salopeot@hotmail.com

Laodameia by Yvonne Sarah Lewis (NOTE: THIS IS EROTIC FICTION)

Download this e-Book from Whiskey Creek Press

Laodameia would rather go climbing with the boys than learn wifely duties. Womanhood overtakes her, bringing an arranged and initially unhappy marriage. And then the Gods smile—her husband comes to honour and respect her as his wife, huntress and companion, whether they’re stalking wild boar or making delicious love on a hillside under the watchful eye of the God Zeus.
But when her man goes off to war, where will Laodemeia turn for that love?
A Rose Without Thorns by Yvonne Sarah Lewis (NOTE: THIS IS EROTIC FICTION)

Download this e-Book from Whiskey Creek Press


Carol doesn’t think much of the short, bulky man she meets at the physiotherapist, and humiliates him in front of her friends. But when bodybuilder Brian effortlessly raises her above his head she has to think again. She’s been hurt in the past, but so has he. She’s shocked, disappointed and delighted as she tries to find happiness with this formidable man. In the course of their affair she meets Russ and Gerry the Gay Gardeners, and bisexual, fun-demanding Rhoda. But a perfect relationship demands sacrifice and she comes to realise that a rose without thorns is only half a rose.
In A French Country Vineyard by Yvonne Sarah Lewis (NOTE: THIS IS EROTIC FICTION)

Download this e-Book from Whiskey Creek Press

In a French Country Vineyard is the sequel to A Rose Without Thorns.
On a tour of the French wine districts, Carol and husband Brian meet new friends offering a range of romantic diversions.
The confident Englishwoman teaches young Frenchman Lucien the sweet art of love. Her husband, though naturally a gentle man, indulges her, even when one night of love doesn’t cool Lucien’s passion. Soon Brian is obliged to teach them both a lesson, and Carol succumbs to sterner instruction when lured down the path of BDSM.
Their lives tinged with fear and excitement, Carol and Brian take a roller-coaster sexual ride—and just about everything’s flavoured with the best of wines.

 First Wolf by Carole Anne Carr

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‘It was Toland’s twelfth year of life when his father hurled the wolf’s head at the mighty Eorl Uhtred, bringing his childhood to a violent end. These were dangerous times, with people driven from their settlements, tribal wars, and bands of robbers on the roads, but Toland must keep his solemn promise to save the Lindisfarne Gospels from the Vikings, protect his family, and find his father. With his faithful hound Bodo, he sets off on his quest through Anglo-Saxon Northumbria and his many adventures lead him to the mysterious hermit on Inner Farne, the mystery of the stolen jewels, a blood debt, and a terrible discovery at the White Church….. (from First Wolf by Carole Anne Carr.)

Book Review of 'First Wolf' by Shropshire Star reporter Sophie Bignall

This is a brilliant book from a former Shropshire primary school teacher, traveller, poet, actor and artist. And now Carole Anne Carr from Ludlow can definitely add 'children's novelist' to her list of many talents. In her first book, aimed at 10 to 12 year olds, she uses her expertise and life experiences, woven together with a brilliant imagination to create 'First Wolf'. Youngsters will be plunged into a brilliant vibrant adventure with just enough energy and realism to keep them on the edge of their seats without being 'too heavy' or too grown-up to cope with.

Together with Carole's Anglo-Saxon hero Toland, young readers will be transported on a journey to an incredible world. And along the way, they learn about truth, honesty, and friendship,  and of course, that good always triumphs over evil.

ISBN: 9780955981807  £5.99   

Available online from:


                                                        W. H. Smith                              

                                                        Also available from these bookshops:

                                                        Lyttelton Well Bookshop, Malvern

                                                        The Red Balloon Bookshop, Ludlow

                                                         The Book Nook Bookshop, Newport

                                                         Wenlock Books, Much Wenlock

 Gentlemen of the River: The Last Coraclemen of the Severn Gorge by Phyllis Blakemore

An illustrated look back at the life and times of coraclemen on the Severn Gorge around the Ironbridge area of Shropshire.

ISBN: 978-1840334739

Published by: Stenlake Publishing

Price: £7.99

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