My Own Private Island

In this project, students will create their own 3-dimensional island out of salt dough. This island must include at least eight different landforms, it must have a name, each landform should be labeled and named, and should look nice.

The island will need to be mounted on a cardboard base no larger than 18” x 18”, and no smaller than 14” x 14”.  You will also need to create a map of your island using the mapping grid provided.

Finally, students must write a detailed description of their island, explaining how the layout of the island might affect where people establish settlements, what they might trade, and how they might live.

A complete rubric (grading guidelines) is included in the attachment below.  In addition, I have included some helpful links if any of you get stuck.



Mapping Grid

Ariel view of a salt dough island. The white pieces of paper are the numbers explaining which land form is represented.

Ted Thackeray,
Feb 20, 2012, 8:30 PM