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All members now need to sign up for sessions by using the sign-up link at the top of this page. 

W/c 12th February 2018

Tuesday 13th February - No circuits.  J15+ session 10:00-12:00 with Matt and Ashley

Thursday 15th February - J15+ session 10:00-12:00 with Matt.  Please note: NO evening sessions.

Saturday 17th February - normal training at 08:00 and 10:00.  

As there are so few people around at the moment, there will be NO 12:00 and 14:00 sessions.  Those who wish to do so please come along at 10:00.

Sunday 18th February - normal training - those who have been coming on Sundays please do so, those who don't - don't yet. 

updated 13/2/2018

Weybridge Rowing Club is sponsored by Weybridge and Walton Physiotherapy, who have two rowers among their physio staff.

I have raised over £250 for the Club by using Easyfundraising when buying stuff I would buy anyway from Amazon, John Lewis and Booking.com among others.  Access the retailer through the donation reminder and Easyfundraising does the rest.  It's free money so please sign up. Please click here to download their donation reminder or click here to get started https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/invite/Y25KAB/   .. Many thanks. 

We are able to confirm that providing parents collecting their children are in their cars and ready to move upon request they should not be ticketed at the top of the road.  If cars are left unattended outside of the 8 parking spaces, parked on the pavement or grass or otherwise inconsiderately, they WILL be ticketed and neither WARA nor the Club will appeal this.


Generally the training schedule looks  like this:

Beginners - now incorporated into age related groups

Tuesday circuits (see below). Thursdays (at the age group times above).  Saturdays (at the age group times above).  Not Sunday


Tuesday circuits (see below). Thursdays (16:30-17:30).  Saturdays at 12:00 (J14) and 14:00 (J13).  


Tuesday circuits (see below). Thursdays (17:30-18:30).  Saturdays at 10:00.  Sundays at 10:00


Tuesday circuits (see below). Thursdays (18:30-20:00).  Saturdays at 08:00/08:30 & 10:00.  Sundays at 08:00 & 10:00


Tuesday circuits (see below). Thursdays (at the age group times above).  Saturdays (all ages) at 12:00.  Not Sunday


Tuesday Circuits, to be run by Zoe, have been arranged at Heathside School 19:00-20:00 as follows:              

Jan 9, 16, 23, 30      Sports Hall                           

Feb 6, 20, 27           Sports Hall                           

Mar 6, 13, 20           Sports Hall 

Please don't forget to bring £1 to each session to cover the cost of hiring the hall.

Please keep an eye on this page as things may change at short notice.

Check this link for important boat checking information

Please note new requirements for leaving and returning to the pontoon effective immediately:

All boats must spin tight on the Weybridge side of the river and proceed downriver on the Surrey bank.  Do NOT wander across to the Hamhaugh Island side and then go down stream on the wrong side of the river.  

When returning to the pontoon ensure you are going upstream on the Hamhaugh Island side when you enter the club stretch and STAY on that side until you get opposite the large moored boat.  Check BEFORE cutting across the river for other river traffic either from the pontoon or coming up or down stream.

It has been positively commented upon how well junior crews, in the main, have taken to this, but SOME STILL NEED TO IMPROVE, please.



Reminder on Clothing :

BOW Person or single sculler MUST WEAR A HI VIZ TOP.   This is an important club rule.

Always bring spare clothes and towel even on Thursdays.  The rule is simple - No change of clothes - No Rowing.

Bring warm clothes for prior and post rowing especially during this recent cold spell.

Wear plenty of thin layers when in the boat.  Not thick absorbent coats.


Have a look at this page which includes some interesting videos of skills you ought to be able to master .... from British Rowing.

A list of possible / probably club events  - www.wrcjnr.com/events.

Have a look at this video of the Environment Agency at work - it's filmed on 'our' bit of river.
- - - -

We take seriously our responsibilities for the welfare of juniors at the Club and work according to British Rowing's guidelines.  

The Club's welfare Office is Judy Sarsby (often at the club at the weekend) who can be reached by phone on 07974 090881 or by email at judy[at]weybridgerowing.org.uk.  

If you have any concerns about your treatment by any member of the club, coaches etc, or any issues at school, home please do feel free to contact her.  

If you would like to talk to someone completely independent the contact for Childline is 0800 1111

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