Awards and scholarships

Student of the Quarter

WRCC will recognize individual students from each program and each session that has demonstrated the following:

  • The ability to apply effectively the skills taught.

  • Exemplary behavior towards other students and staff.

  • An above average willingness to work and accept new work.

  • An outstanding attitude of cooperation.

  • Continued good attendance in the program.

  • A strong desire to contribute to the program and WRCC.

Most Improved Student

An annual award from each shop will be given to the student that has progressed significantly during the year and has attained competence in his/her technical training area. A plaque and a certificate will be given to the student at the end of the year.


Outstanding Career and Technical Student

An annual award from each shop that is given to the student (usually a senior) that has demonstrated exemplary competency attainment in their field of training. In addition, this student would be pursing post secondary training, have secured a job, or otherwise be actively seeking employment in their career area. A plaque, certificate and/or other appropriate recognition is given at the end of the year.


Outstanding Business Student

Given annually to a deserving student that has taken a sequence of business program courses with success and has been a contributing member of the Future Business Leaders of America and DECA, an association of business and marketing students.

National Technical Honor Society

The purpose of the National Technical Honor Society is to reward excellence in technical education. Juniors and seniors enrolled in the Career Center for a full year and who carry at least one additional course each semester may be eligible for nomination. Other criteria are listed below and students should consider these carefully from the beginning of the school year.

During fourth quarter, each instructor submits to the NTHS Advisor a list of students who have earned a 90+ each quarter in their program and who have had fewer than four unexcused and/or five school-directed, documented absences for the year. The advisor will then check each student's record to confirm eligibility. If the student qualifies, the student will be invited to attend a mandatory informational meeting to go over the application process.

NTHS Criteria:

  • Junior or senior status

  • Enrolled in the Career Center for a full year

  • Enrolled in at least one other class each semester

  • Earn 90+ each quarter in nominating program

  • Earn a B or better average in every other class on schedule

  • Have no more than 4 unexcused absences and/or 5 school-directed absences (required documentation must be on file in Career Center Office and be signed by the Director)

  • Exemplify behaviors associated with outstanding citizenship

  • Be nominated and recommended by program instructor

  • Attend mandatory meeting during Quarter IV

  • Complete extensive application and submit by designated deadline

  • Approved for induction by NTHS application readers and the NTHS Committee

  • Attend Award Night ceremony

Nomination for NTHS is an honor; induction into this prestigious association places the student among the top performing students enrolled in technical and workforce education in our nation. The Windham Regional Career Center is pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to students. Induction takes place during the Career Center's Awards Night Ceremony.

WRCC Scholarships


J. Cusick Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship, established in memory of James J. Cusick, former WSESU Superintendent, is awarded to a student in the Career Center who intends on continuing his or her education in a technical field.

The William Dennen Outstanding Career Center Student

This award, honoring William Dennen, who served as Director of the Career Center for seventeen years, recognizes the overall Outstanding Career Center Student for his/her academic excellence, occupational training, Career Center and community service, extra-curricular activities, work experience, willingness to try new things, and ability to show initiative.

John J. Owsiak, Jr. BHS/BUHS Alumni Award

This award is given to a graduating senior from the Career Center

Brattleboro Savings & Loan

This award is given to a graduating senior from the Career Center who has successfully completed one of the advanced Business Academy programs.

Richard & Marion Thomas Scholarship

This $2,000 scholarship, offered by a former student in the business department and president of FBLA, is awarded to an outstanding business student who is also an active member of DECA and/or FBLA. The recipient must be a BUHS student.

Warner L. Thomas Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship, offered by a former student in the business department and president of FBLA, is awarded to an outstanding member of DECA and/or FBLA. This scholarship can be granted to a student from any of our sending schools.

Harrington Memorial Award

This award, named after Raymond Harrington, who spent his life working with wood, is given to a student who intends on pursuing a career in the field of construction trades.

Ernest Flagg

This award is given to a graduating senior enrolled in the Construction Trades program who plans on pursuing further studies in the construction field.

Center for Digital Art

This award, given to a senior seeking further education, recognizes consistent enthusiasm for learning, active and positive participation in class projects, and outstanding work in digital art and film making.

Stuart Thurber Award

This award, named after Stuart Thurber Sr., who dedicated himself to farming, is awarded to a student who intends to continue his or her career in agriculture or a related field.

Brattleboro Floral Arts Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a senior, recommended by his or her Horticulture or Forestry program instructor, who plans to attend an accredited school in the fall.  For more information - 

Chef of the Year

This savings bond is awarded to a student who has mastered the majority of skills needed to be a Chef, including academic and leadership skills as well as kitchen knowledge.

Hideaway Table Service Award

This award goes to a student who has mastered all of the skills needed in table service as well as the people skills used to make the customer feel welcomed.

The Greg Baird Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of Greg Baird and his love of the Culinary Arts field. First awarded in 1985, it goes to a student accepted into a Culinary School who is sincere about furthering his or her education.

Allard Lumber Company Forestry Scholarship

This award is given to a deserving student in the field of forestry to help further their continuing education.

Brent Young Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is given in recognition of Brent D. Young who loved the outdoors, nature, and the rewards of the Forestry Program. The recipient is likely to earn his or her living in some form of agricultural pursuit.

The VTC Theatre Scholarship

To be presented to a BUHS/WRCC graduate who will be pursuing the study of Theatre Arts in a post-secondary institution. Evidence must be presented in the form of a cover letter specifying what post-secondary study the student intends to pursue, as well as a portfolio demonstrating the student's work to date in the study of Theatre Arts. This scholarship will be presented in June, but will not be paid until proof of first semester enrollment and success is submitted. The scholarship will be in the amount of $300.

Vermont Honor Scholarship

The Vermont Honors Scholarship is awarded through the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence. The recipient of this award is not only at the top of his/her class but is also a student who has demonstrated a commitment to a technical career path.

Cersosimo Lumber Scholarship

The Anthony Cersosimo Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior at Brattleboro Union High School, Windham Regional Career Center, Leland and Gray Union High School or to the grandchild or child of an employee of the Cersosimo Lumber Company, Inc. or Cersosimo Industries, Inc. The scholarship is one thousand dollars, given by the family of Anthony F. Cersosimo, to a deserving individual who exhibits strong character, motivation, scholastic ability and financial need.

Brattleboro Fire Department Achievement Award

Given annually to an individual enrolled in the Fire Service Program at the Windham Regional Career Center to recognize a deserving student in the field of firefighting.

Windham County Farm Bureau Scholarship

The Stickney, Thwing, Ranney and Darrow families made these scholarships possible. The Ranney Memorial Scholarships consists of two $1000 grants for first-year college students.

This scholarship is awarded to a student who is planning to attend a two or four year program in agriculture or allied field; i.e. Forestry, Natural Resources Management, Conservation, Horticulture and Outdoor Recreation, etc. First consideration is given to high school seniors. Applicant must be a Windham County resident.