Lengthsman Updates 2009

Lengthsman Scheme Wray-with Botton

Update: 10th October 2009

Together with the representatives of the other Parishes involved in the scheme, I met with Simon Armistead, Lengthsman on Friday the 9th October.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss with Simon, matters previously discussed at a meeting of the Parishes and Scheme Representatives in September.

For Wray-with- Botton Parish Council these were:

1.  Communication between Simon and the Parish Council Representative

2.  Delivery of the contract to a standard considered acceptable by the Parish Council

It was agreed that Simon will in future contact me when he comes into the village. This will allow me to pass on to him any tasks, which have been identified for his attention. He will keep me up-to-date by email on the status of all tasks he has undertaken or been asked to undertake at the end of each week.

Currently I have asked Simon to concentrate on the Church Yard and Flood Gardens.

If you see any jobs that need attention please contact me and I will pass these on to Simon. My contact number is 015242-21186.

A leaflet detailing more information regarding the scheme and the duties of the Lengthsman is available from Wray Post Office.

Councillor Carol Wallace, Wray-with-Botton Parish Council.

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