4.Minutes March 2008


Present: Cllr Smith, Cllr Ellison, Cllr Seed, Cllr Edge, Cllr Lumb, Cllr Wallace, County Councillor Susie Charles,   P.A.C.T Representative Peter Wood


1)     Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Halstead

2)     Minutes of the last meeting proposed by Cllr Lumb and seconded by Cllr Edge

We received notification from United Utilities of what electricity pole the way leave monies referred to – Beach House.

3)     PACT report – Nothing to report except two minor thefts in the area.  The seats in the field have been vandalised please be vigilant.  SPID board is soon to be erected.

4)     Public questions or queries – car parking was raised this is to be dealt with later

5)     Declarations of members Interests – none

6)     Audit – letter from BDO Stoy Hayward again stating that our reserves are too high Cllr Smith reported to them that we would be using some monies for the Car Parking issues.  Payment to the LAPTC was proposed by Cllr Lumb and Seconded by Cllr Wallace.  Room hire – we haven’t had a bill Cllr Seed to speak to the Institute Committee.

7)     Rural Intelligent bus stops – Clerk to write to Caton with Littledale Parish Council and ask for our contribution of £500 back.

8)     Car Parking – a summary was produced by the Clerk and it was decided that Residents Permits were worth considering and the suggestion regarding the bus stop was also worth considering.  A letter has been sent to Lancashire County Council but no response has yet been received.  A letter to the Highways Department regarding all highways issues is to be sent to all Councillors including County Councillor Susie Charles.  Common Land who maintains this?  Would there be an option for the Parish Council to purchase.  Clerk to investigate.  Cllr Smith to produce a letter giving the residents the most favourable options for the Car Parking issue proposed by Cllr Seed and seconded by Cllr Lumb.

9)     Calor Village of the year competition – again it was decided that we would not enter this as it was very much focussed on youth and community issues.

10)  Academy update – the final decision has been put back to 2009 – will have to wait and see what develops.

11) Draft Partnership strategy document – document noted.  Will need to wait and see what happens in the future

12) What now Youth and Community bus – awaiting contact from Lancashire County Council Youth and Community Service.

13) Flood gardens – trees Cllr Edge to asses the situation and liaise with the Lengthsman in regard to trimming / cutting back the trees.

14)  Seats – the new one is now sited around the Spout and the existing one from there has been re-sited to Smithy Brow.  The plaque at Smithy Brow is to be mounted onto the wall and the seat at the top of School Hill is to be cleaned up.

15)  Insurance – the auditors commented that we should review our insurance – all noted this.

16)  Mr & Mrs Robinson planning refusal – the Parish Council received a letter from Mr & Mrs Robinson asking if the Parish Council would support their planning application – this was noted and the Clerk asked to write as appropriate.

17)  Parish Council allowances – the new allowances were noted and a list available from the Clerk.

18)  SELRAP – rail link all noted and agreed full support.  Clerk to email in this regard.