S t o r y

Did you know? Wrath's music is all from the excellent website Sakari Infinity... 

R e t u r n

In the Southern Seas, a mighty evil is brewing, far more powerful than the land of Tryori can imagine...


Thousands of years had past, since all the pointless wars and battles. Many thought they were stories to scare children and did not believe. Others simply dismissed the idea of thier ancestors being Barbarians. Wars were unknown in this world, weapons seen as barbaric instraments. But in the times to come, war was the only answer.

A young human sits, looking into the sea, wishing for adventure. They do not relise their fate or what they must become. They live in the small village of Lithefield on the continent of Aryza. They also had heard the tales of countless wars and battles and how three mighty warriors had fought to save the world. Little did they know, they was the warriors descendant and would have to fight the rising power of the Cerberus. But they would still make thier own decisions, their own choices. Every step they took would take thy to thier final decision:

Good or Evil?

Light or Darkness?

Moral or Immoral?