B a c k g r o u n d

Did you know? Wrath was highly inspired by the Legend of Zelda series... 

R e t u r n


In a world lightyears away, a civilization exists where every living being, lives in harmony...


History in the land of Tryori was not pleasent. Countless, pointless wars massacred thousands. Men, woman and children were all slaughtered but not one of the troops wondered why... The land was savage and higher beings looked down upon Tryori and were disgusted. The war's seemed endless so the higher beings acted insinctivly and sent down 3 warriors, these were battle hardened warriors, warlords but all three were wise. They saw the barbaric battles and knew they would die to save the land of Tryori, but they did not cower. They saw the fear in the eyes of the dead, how they wish it would end. They saw families protecting thier children to the death. They marched in to battle, saving the weak, protecting the wounded, this was the spot the final war would begin, the war against the wise. The 3 warlords fought and at the hour of the final battle, one of the warriors fell. In sorrow, the remaining two retreated and mourned for the dead. They could not beat these barbarians. Full of anger and sorrow, they walked back onto the battlefield waiting to be slain, not one spoke, but stared at the barbarians one was killed, so quickly and brutal the other did not notice. One survived, and armed himself, he spoke "Why fight? Why kill? I came here to make peace, but I have turned into one of you myself" He dropped his blade and sat, he was next to a little girl, she was bleeding and gently singing to herself...He comforted her, joined in with the song, the barbarians stood watching. She turned her head towards the last warrior, she whispered "Thank You" and lay down. Her song stopped. Her lips tightened. Her eyes closed. She was smiling. He lay down alongside her and waited for the blade to be thrusted into his heart.

It was the last war. Something at those last moments triggered something in the Barbarians. There was not another war. Harmony was found...                                                                                      END