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    Welcome to the website for the Indie RPG, WRATH

04th August 2008

Yes, its been a while since Wrath was updated. Unforunatly, the last 4-5 months work has been deleted, because of my evil PC. But a small section has been remade, and this will be available to download. Personally, I want Wrath to continue, but need help as schoolwork and football constantly hold me up, simply I need a couple of people to help with everything, covering mapping, story writing and other things. These jobs will be unpaid as I simply can't afford it right now. If no one offers help, Wrath will continue, but at a slower rate. The bit I have remade is now available to play! It contains only around 20-30 mins of play, 30 mins if you explore everything. The battle system is one of the uncompleted features, for this demo, saving is disabled and won't work, if you use it, it will terminate the game. The game is mouse enabled! After this little demo, there will NOT anything else available to play until the final release. Head to the downloads and grab it!
    Wrath will be pushed to release this Xmas, but if I feel it is incomplete it can wait. You will see Act One either this fall or early next year...


17th May 2008 

A few new updates on the site today, we've got all the previous updates up and our site is now compatible with your PSP and moblie devices! The site is completely finished! Take a look at the previous updates here, and go check out our site on your mobile!

The pages The People of Tryori and Downloads have been updated! Also we've had NO emails for the BETA TESTING, and its only 8 days til the deadline so get emailing if your interested!


2D Pixel Artist - At least 6 months of experience, need to see some work of yours. Need to be able to make sprites in PNG format including buildings, monsters, landscapes and minigame sprites!   

13th May 2008

Big update today, with brand new wallpapers, Wrath's Intro Movie and a Media page! Enjoy all the new features and soon all the previous updates will be here. Also, if you would like to apply for Wrath's closed beta, please email us at



11th May 2008

Finally, the site is almost finished just VX resources and Media to go! All the pages have been updated and soon the Intro movie to the game (you won't see it anywhere else) will be on here! As for the update here is the latest and you can download the previous articles here in word document.

Wrath Is Decided...

After long days and nights of thinking, I have decided that Wrath will stay 2D and on my next project I'll do something 3D. I' am also setting a release date for Wrath, as it is steering steadily to completion (24th December 2008) so it will be a little christmas prezzie and of course that date is my Birthday! There will NOT be a second demo because it would reveal alot of the storyline and spoil the final release, so you have to wait, I'm afriad! I've got a lot of custom mods for Wrath at the moment and some real fun minigames (Bar Brawl and Exploding Pigeons). I've also advanced on the story and its turning out real good with some 'twists'. There won't be an update for a month or two now, for I need to really work on the game instead of getting addicted to the 'lovely' moddb forums :-D

So, Wrath will be here soon and I hope you will all enjoy it! Alot!


09th May 2008

Sadly, a brilliant music writer (known as Ace_Greyson) has been a bit dishonest, and stolen a number of pieces of music from a number of different people, including a FINAL FANTASY song and At Wars End which was really by AudioMuse. I've changed the names of the songs to the appropriate author. For more infomation visit

On a brighter note, the website is almost done, unfortuatly the latest news and updates haven't been posted here but you can go have a look at


BlackOpsRacoon AKA Josh Higgins

26th April 2008

Our site is up, full with screenshots, videos and the excellent custom music from Sakari Infinity. More stuff will be added as the game progress advances, and the demos will be here FIRST, then a day later ModDB. Please take a look around and report any broken links or faults with the site. Enjoy the new pages put up! 


BlackOpsRacoon AKA Josh Higgins