C l a s s e s

Did you know? Wrath now has a release date, 24th December 2008!

R e t u r n

Every person has a heritage. Every person has a Destiny...

The Warrior

The Warrior's are direct decendants of the three warriors sent down to stop wars on the planet. They are noble and strongly believe in the Old Tales of the Land. They come from a religous background but many keep away from that side of the heritage. They are very skilled with the blade, and use a few long-range weapons. When they come of age and skill, the Warriors spilt into 3 sub-factions:

The Paladin - The Paladin recieves more heath and can use magic but cannot use any ranged weaponary.

The Knight - A balance between the two, they recieve a small add-on to thier heath and can use small amounts of magic and a few ranged weapons

The Ranger - The Ranger mostly uses ranged weaponary, but they still use small daggers and blades

The Hunter

The Hunter's are half-breed where there ancestors 'breeded' with Dyiads or Elves. This granted them amazing ranged ablities with Bows and Crossbows. Some even learned to use muskets and more industrial weapons.

The Assassin - The Assassin is a pure bow user, that cannot use magic. They also use long blades as they secondary weapon. 

The Daemon Hunter - A Hunter that uses a mix of bows and crossbows. They also use magic to assist in battle. 

The Cossack - The Cossack is a Hnter that has devloped into the modern ways, they use only Muskets and Industrial Crossbows.

The Mage

The Mage's are highly intelligent people who have devoted themselves to magic. Many Political leaders are master magicians and all are unparrelled in the World of Magic. Magic can have terrible effects on peoples minds, and can even make people go mad for power.

The Warlock - These Mages have let magic over-run there minds and are dedicated to Black Magic (the offensive side).

The Shadowcaster - The Shadowcaster's are Mages that use both Black and White magic but at a slower rate, they also cannot use all the spells in either side.

The Priest - The Priests are dedicated to White magic (the Defensive side) which can be very powerful and reduce powerful foes attacks to a minor punch.

The Barbarian

The Barbarian's are direct decenants to the barbaric humans who fought in countless wars. Many still believe that war is the only way but more try to forget thier ancestors barbaric battles.

The Axeman - A barbarian that only uses Axes and Pickhammers.

The Maceman - A barbarian that only uses Maces and Hammers.

The Swordman - A barbarian who only uses Claymores and Claws.