T h e P e o p l e O f T r y o r i
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R e t u r n

Your Party

You - Completely customised by the player, you could be a mighty warrior, or an elemental mage. The possibiltes are endless!

Linda - Your best friend, she is strong with a bow and arrow and will do anything to help you succeed on your quest.

Dreadlock - A demon that owes a lifedept to you, he won't give up until either he is dead or the mission is accomplished.

Godumi - A mighty dwarf who will do anything to avenge his wife and children, he will join you on your quest to slaughter the Cerburus, the heart of all evil.

Alyx - A sea pirate who takes a strange liking to you, she joins you on the quest for the fortunes that follow.

Geralt - Your long lost father, who accompanies you on your quest, he is a serious and stubborn man.

Vinessa - A quiet, young girl who you encounter alone in a forest, she wields mystical powers, and knows only her name.

The Factions

Mountain Orcs & Goblins - A neutral quiet race, almost hunted to extinction, most stay in thier mountains and keep quiet, but they are easily lured by gold.

Royal Tryori Guard - A race made up of Humans, Dryads, and Dwarfs that are sworn to protect all the land.

Mine Dwarfs - A race of outcast dwarfs that keep down in the depths of mines and tunnels, they are hostile to all races who pass by.

Tainted Dryads - A group of Dryads that live in tainted forests that have been corrupted by black magic, this distorted their apperances and some have even crossed with spiders.

Black Elves - A group of wonderers that are loyal to no king, they use high amounts of Black magic and are the rarest race to the human eye.

Forest Elves - Elves that are noble to the Elven Goddess, they help only for there own benifit and hold much hatred for humankind.

Barbarians - A group of humans that are loyal to the old histories way, these fight endless wars against each other - for fun - they worship dark lords, and wish for the day where the Cerburus will rise to cause endless battle once again.

Shapeshifters - A group of mixed races that all have extrodinary powers and fight under the banner of the Tryori Guard.

The Black Banner - A group of dark forces from oblivion that rise once again under rule of the Cerburus.