Home of the Fleet of Wrath Exiles in Second Life (tm)

Welcome, Shipmate.  This is the harbor of the Wrath Exiles, a group of individuals active in Second Life roleplay, with the avowed purpose of  roleplaying a late 19th century Steampunk style naval fleet.  Until August of 2008, we were constituted as the Grand Middlesea Fleet, set up as a sort of Caledon Sea-Fencibles in Second Life.  In late August, the Middlesea Fleet disbanded and the surviving captains and independent ship owners signed the Pact of Cape Wrath, creating the Fleet of Wrath Exiles officially.  The Pact became the basis for our Fleet Articles, which govern how we shall operate in world.

Currently we are based in two locations in Second Life: Caledon Cape Wrath (at Murakami Steamworks), and Port Merrimac, located in Roatan, on the island of Lilliput. The Commodore lives at Polymath Eyrie, Port Harbor, Steelhead.  The Fleet acknowledges the sovreignity of the Autocrat Asturias over our lands, and are grateful that we have been awarded a place of refuge in exile. In return, we patrol the waters of Lilliput and environs, providing the Autocrat with a "Fleet in Being."

We welcome all recruits who are interested in roleplaying a loosely knit military structure and engaging in MANY sea-fights in the virtual world of Second Life.  Recruits are expected to pick up or make their own combat vessel that is A) roughly in period and B) able to engage in combat maneuvers with accepted inworld combat systems such as ICS (Ironclad Combat System) and SPD Sailing and Fighting System.

Needless to say, we are interested in individuals, man, woman, furry, tick-tock man, or any other critter, that are here for the same reasons we are.  If you are the ubercompetitive type, or have difficulty showing respect for your opponents, you may wish to look at another organization.