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Wrangler Air is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fly Vegas, a virtual airline that operates on the FSAirlines flight management system.  

Wrangler Air started out as a feeder airline operating regional jets under the Fly Vegas brand.  Those operations continue today with the regional jet division operating CRJ & ERJ regional jets as well as providing staff and pilots for the Executive Division of Fly Vegas.

On February 5, 2016, Wrangler Air took over the bush plane division of Fly Vegas formerly operated by 4 Catz Air Service.   Since that acquistion, Wrangler Air has added float plane operations from Vancouver, BC, Canada all the way to Anchorage, Alaska.  

On March 23, 2016, Wrangler Air completed it's interior Alaska route construction and acquired 2 brand new Quest Kodiak aircraft for this service.

Wrangler Air continues to expand and serve customers on an as needed basis, flying into remote areas that do not exist in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X world but do exist in the real one.  Seaports and airports are constructed as needed to fill this customer need.  

As an integrated unit in the Fly Vegas family, Wrangler Air can offer seamless transitions in the virtual world from large major metropolitan areas to the backwoods wilderness.

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Pilot sign up @ FSAirlines is free.
Sign up and apply at Fly Vegas, pilots can fly the routes they want when they want, as often or as little as their real world schedule allows.


New USA Tour!
Departing from and returning to Anchorage, Alaska...... Take the kids on the trip of a lifetime and visit every state Capitol building (except Hawaii).  Take time to stop and see the White House and our Nation's Capitol as well.  69 Flights/13,963 nautical miles. Sight see picturesque Canada on the way back to Anchorage.

Contact Sam or Mich on FSA message line for more information.  

Bush Challenges
There is a new game in town called the Bush Challenge series. The whole purpose is to move passengers and freight in a more realistic manner, click on the links in the left sidebar for more details.

The Bush Challenge Series Pilot Status spreadsheet can be found here:    Bush Challenge Series