Boise Bush Challenge

Welcome to the Boise Bush Challenge!

Boise Bush Challenge Spreadsheet

The object of the challenge is to move passengers and freight from the Fly Vegas hub of Boise, Idaho to the Wrangler Air Charters hub in McCall, Idaho.   From McCall, pilots will use their skills to deliver passengers and freight to the various outlying areas.  

Fuel is NOT available for the purposes of this challenge anywhere except Boise and McCall so make sure you load enough fuel to return!   FSAirlines will allow you to refuel at remote locations but we ask you do not do so to keep the spirit of this challenge going.  All return routes to McCall will count in FSA but not count as far as this challenge is concerned.

NEW FOR 2019 - The main objective is to visit every stop at least once with a total of 25 stops now in the system.  Stats will be tracked for the purposes of determining top players but are no longer a limitation in the challenge.  Pilots may fly any aircraft they desire provided it fits within the challenge realistically.   



                        10 FLIGHT MINIMUM                  ALL LOCATIONS DELIVERED

             2017 BUSH CHALLENGE AWARDS


Congratulations to Mich, Sam & Tim for participating (5 flight minimum) in the first Boise Bush Challenge!  
Sam and Mich have also earned the Diversity Award for visiting each location in the Challenge.
Sam won the Workhorse Award for most flights flown during Challenge I.  
Flights Flown:  Sam 33  Mich 27   Tim 8

The Challenge has been reset for others to try.  Simply use the page "Challenge II" in the Boise Bush Challenge spreadsheet.