Teacher Page

Benchmark Number:            LA.1112.1.7.6 
Benchmark Description:      The student will analyze and evaluate similar themes or topics by different authors across a variety of fiction and nonfiction selections; 
Subject Area:                          Reading/Language Arts 
Grade Level:                           11, 12 grade
Strand:                                      Reading Process 
Standard:                                 Reading Comprehension - The student uses a variety of strategies to comprehend grade level text. 
Date Adopted or Revised:    01/07 
Status:                                     State Board Approved

The students will need to know how to read and analyze a poem.

  • The Epic Poem of BEOWULF
  • E-mail accounts for all students
  • BEOWULF the movie
  • Library accessibility for research
  • Computer accessibility
One teacher should be more than enough to implement this lesson.  Other teachers may be needed for supervision or for Special Education students if they require it.  The lesson should take roughly 7 days to complete.  The first four days would be research time, the fifth day would be collaboration time, and the final two days spent writing up the research paper.