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Summer Leadership Seminar Scholarship Program

The United States Military Academy hosts the Summer Leaders Seminar (SLS) for high school juniors going into their senior year. The week long program of academic classes, military training, physical fitness training and intramural athletics gives students the opportunity to experience cadet life and to see first-hand what West Point has to offer.Click here to see more details

The West Point Society of Denver is composed of West Point graduates who live in the greater Denver area and who take an active interest in our academy.  This year, as we have done in years past, we are offering an opportunity for an SLS candidate to have his or her registration fee paid by the Society.

 To qualify we ask that you either fill out the form below OR write a letter to the society explaining why you are the best candidate to receive the registration fee.  We don’t want to hear about your qualifications or what you have done to date in high school; we just want to know why we should pay your registration fee.  If there are compelling financial reasons, we are very interested in hearing about them.  Just so that you know, the prize will be awarded to the most articulate and deserving candidate. 

The letters should be e-mailed to me at this address by 235922April2012. Or, for those unfamiliar with military time, one minute before midnight on the 22nd of April.  Please address any questions to me via e-mail.

Successfully completing SLS indicates that you are a viable candidate and one in which West Point is interested. Now it is up to you to push to get accepted and then to attend West Point.  Just as importantly, if after you attend the SLS program, you decide that West Point is not for you, please have the good grace and courage to withdraw your application and go on to do great things at some other fine university.

SLS Scholarship Application ‎(WPSD)‎