Apps Privacy Policy

Developer Team in Vietnam

1. Requirement

- Internet (Client)

- Private Network (Client & Server)

2. Your information

If you login to these website, the website magazin (or newspaper) owner may collecting you information.

3. Cookies 

Some of our websites and applications contain cookies.  Cookies are small text files that a website sends to your computer to record your online activity.  Cookies may be used on our websites to help personalise your use of our websites and applications, improve how you use certain aspects of our websites and applications and to record your online activity.  You can disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings, but if you do so, some functions on our websites or applications may not work correctly. 

4. Security

We take commercially reasonable steps to protect your personal information.  This includes setting up processes and procedures to minimise unauthorised access to or disclosure of your information.  However, we do not guarantee that we will eliminate all risk of misuse of your personal information by intruders.  Please keep any passwords for your accounts safe and do not disclose them to anyone else.  You must contact us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorised use of your password or other security breach. 

Bulletin boards, chat rooms and other community areas accessed via our websites and applications are open to the public.  You should avoid disclosing any information in these areas which may identify you or anyone else.  We are not responsible for the protection or security of information which you disclose in these areas.  

5. Children

We are committed to addressing parents' concerns about the use of their children's personal information. We ask all visitors who are under 12 years of age (or in some cases older) to obtain their parent or guardian's permission before providing any personal information.

6. Contacting us

If you have general queries, please contact:

DevApp Cop., Ltd