Great decision.  Thanks for your interest. You will receive an email with the same information you find here for later access.

We fix fixed incomes, whether hourly, salary or any type of retirement.  What follows tells you a bit about how we go about it.

First, let me say right up front, I encourage you to take your time and be methodical in gathering information.  No pressure.  This is about your life and future.  Treat it as such. I welcome your skepticism and tough questions.  Why?  Because I am seeking long-term partnerships that are based on trust and value.  Simply, this does not happen quickly.

Next, take the time to get to know me as a potential mentor and business partner. Decide if we may be a good fit.  You can find out what you can expect from me at  

In regard to the business, there are two tracks to run on.  The first is simple and uncluttered.  Just a few tools and tactics.  It is simply a way to make money.  There are many people being successful with ths approach.

Then, using the same income platform, there are ways to broaden your "reach" by expanding your skills to expose more people to what we do.  We have a full training site to support this - which will be shared with you.

These two are not mutually exclusive, but it is important to understand that there is a "track" here to enhance what you know with the goal of becoming a Professional Marketer and full-time income earner.  How you proceed is up to you.  I will meet you "where you are" and go at a pace that fits your goals.

That said, here are the links to the platform we use to generate income.  There are a few videos to watch that explain all of the basics:

That's it for now.  Our goal is to help people.  Right now, your job is to find out if everything "rings true" and whether getting involved makes sense to you.  Again, this is a process for most people, not a snap decision.  My job right now is to do anything I can do to help you gain a more complete understanding.  If you want to be in touch, please contact me at

No matter the direction this takes, I wish you the best in your pursuit of a more stable and prosperous future.

Richard Spahr
West Warwick, RI